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2010-11 North Mississippi Medical Center Employees of the Month

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Tammy Lancaster

March 2011

Tammy Lancaster, medical technologist in the Pathology Department, was selected North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for March.

Lancaster has been with NMMC since 1998. She is a graduate of Vardaman High School and earned a degree in medical technology from Mississippi State University in Starkville.

“I love the interesting things I get to see at work, but the best parts of my job are my relationships with and support I receive from my coworkers,” Lancaster said. “I can be faced with problems and stressful situations at work, and before I know it, I’m surrounded by coworkers offering their help. We have strong friendships and really pull together to support coworkers who are going through tough times away from work also. I also consider myself lucky to work here, where the bottom line of everything we do is to do what’s best for our patients.”

Lancaster was complimented by coworkers for her attitude and technical expertise. “Tammy always has a great attitude and a smile on her face,” one coworker wrote in her nomination. “She is always willing to help anyone at any given moment, no matter how busy she is and does so with a positive attitude. Her smile and attitude are contagious. She is a hard worker and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.”

“Tammy is an excellent medical technologist with some of the best people skills I have ever seen,” another coworker wrote. “Tammy is extremely proficient at performing high quality work with relatively no supervision. She is always well organized and can handle large workloads with relative ease. Tammy is a true inspiration to others and a model employee for NMMC.”

She and her husband Chris live in Houston and attend First Baptist Church. Lancaster was notified of her Employee of the Month honor at a staff meeting and was congratulated by family and coworkers.

“I was just speechless. So many people deserve it more than me. I’m humbled and in shock,” she said. “We have such a great team. Every day I’m amazed how we save each other.”

Robin Bailey

February 2011

Robin Bailey, radiologic technologist in North Mississippi Medical Center’s Radiology Department, was named Employee of the Month for February.

Bailey has been with NMMC since 2001. She worked for a year and a half as a nursing assistant before entering into her current position. She attended high school at Mantachie Attendance Center and earned an associate’s degree in radiologic technology from Itawamba Community College in Fulton.

“What I love most about my job is working in an organization where I have the opportunity to interact with an excellent staff and to participate in great patient care,” Bailey said.

Coworkers made note of Bailey’s attention to her patients and her selflessness. “Robin never says ‘that’s not my job,’” a coworker said in her nomination. “She is willing to do anything. She is always willing to help coworkers with difficult patients. She goes beyond her assignment each day. When she is asked to do something, she does it right then without delay and without complaining.”

“Robin wants every patient’s visit to be the best every time,” another coworker wrote. “She is one of the best I have witnessed in explaining a test or procedure to a patient.”

Brandi Schmidt

January 2011

Brandi Schmidt, admissions counselor at North Mississippi Medical Center’s Longtown Imaging, was named January’s Employee of the Month.

Schmidt joined NMMC in 2004. She previously worked in the file room and scheduling desk for Radiology at the main hospital. Schmidt is a graduate of Itawamba Agricultural High School and attended Itawamba Community College in Fulton and Tupelo.

Schmidt was acknowledged by fellow employees for her friendliness and willingness to help others. “Brandi is the first person people see when they enter Longtown Imaging, and I couldn’t think of a better person for the job,” one coworker wrote in her nomination. “She always has a smile and is very personable. She routinely goes out of her way to help. She does whatever she can to aid her coworkers when needed. She is great with our patients and is an asset to Longtown and the medical center.”

“Brandi always has a positive attitude and smile even when it is busy,” another coworker wrote. “She keeps us going in the right direction. She seems to be able to keep track of 10 things at once, even with the phone ringing all the time. Best of all, she is always very respectful and friendly.”

Schmidt said she enjoys her work and the bonds she has created with her coworkers, patients and their families. “The best part of my job is the relationships that I build with the patients and their family and also my coworkers,” Schmidt said. “I have great support from my coworkers. We all work together to make sure our patients receive the very best care.”

Oteria Ivy

December 2010

Oteria Ivy, Environmental Services technician, has been named North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for December.

Ivy has worked at NMMC for 34 years and currently serves at 589 Garfield St., a facility which includes the Center for Digestive Health, Ambulatory Surgery Center and Digestive Health Specialists P.A. She is a graduate of Shannon High School and still resides in Shannon.

“It’s good to know you do something that makes a difference or helps someone else,” Ivy said. “But it’s all a team effort; to make everyone who comes through the doors at 589 Garfield feel welcome and at home. I am glad to be a part of such a great team.”

Ivy’s pride in her work and attitude were noted in her nomination. “We often take all that she does here for granted, because she does such an excellent job keeping the Ambulatory Surgery Center shiny clean for our patients,” one coworker wrote in her nomination. “It has become a part of what we expect to see every day here.”

“She doesn’t have to be asked to do anything,” another coworker noted. “She notices what needs to be done and she does it in a timely manner. She is always on the move. The quality and thoroughness of her work is exemplary.”

James Boyle

November 2010

James Boyle, programmer analyst and team leader with North Mississippi Medical Center’s Management Information Systems, was named NMMC’s Employee of the Month for November.

Boyle joined NMMC in 1994. He is a graduate of Vardaman High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

“I try to do the best job I can and try to make a difference in what I do. What I love most about my job is the people I get to work with and the variety of the projects that MIS is responsible for,” Boyle said. “When I left my previous job as a software engineer in 1994, I was looking for a position that would allow me to make a contribution to the community rather than simply crunching numbers. Working in MIS at NMHS has given me the opportunity to serve with a very talented group of people while accomplishing the goal I set for myself back in 1994.”

In his nomination, co-workers emphasized Boyle’s integrity and work ethic. “Having worked with James for the past many years, he is at the top of his game in terms of systems analysis and custom programming. He is the finest of what MIS has to offer,” one co-worker wrote in her nomination of Boyle. “His programs are meticulously conceived and written, beautifully crafted and artistically presented.”

“I have worked with James for 15 years and have never heard him say ‘that’s not my job’ or ‘no, I can’t help you.’ He is an anchor in our department and helps his team members solve problems 24 hours a day,” another co-worker wrote. “He has helped out multiple times when on vacation and has never turned anyone down when they needed help. In our area this is critical as it is up to us to make sure all the programs and applications that service our patients are working at all times.”

2010-11 Employee of the Year

Melissa Hamilton

October 2010

Melissa Hamilton, secretary with the Heart Institute, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for October.
Hamilton has been with NMMC since 1995. Before joining the Heart Institute, the Tupelo High School graduate worked for 12 years in Food and Nutrition Services.

“The best part of my job is that I work with] the most wonderful and caring co-workers in the world,” Hamilton said. Hamilton also loves seeing patients before they go home, feeling better and with a smile on their face.

In her nomination, co-workers emphasized Hamilton’s integrity and kind disposition. “She is incredibly smart and a great judge of character – as genuine as they come,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. “Melissa will do what is right every time no matter who is looking.”

“Our Heart Institute patients and their families respond to Melissa’s friendliness immediately,” another co-worker said. “Her genuine smile puts them at ease. She never loses composure and solves any problem quickly and efficiently.”

Cheryl Ford

September 2010

Cheryl Ford, CNA, rehabilitation technician with the North Mississippi Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Institute, was named NMMC’s Employee of the Month for September. Ford has been with NMMC since 2001.

A graduate of Shannon High School, Ford attended Itawamaba Community College in Fulton and Tupelo.

“What I love most about my job is building relationships with the patients while they are in rehab and watching them improve, go home and return later to visit,” Ford said. “I love seeing how they recover over time.”

In her nomination, coworkers emphasized Ford’s friendliness and strong work ethic. “Cheryl leads by example for others to do not only their best work, but to always keep the patient’s best interest in mind,” one coworker wrote in her nomination. “Cheryl has an excellent rapport with the patients, allowing her to push them to do their best in therapy.”

Tracy Holland

August 2010

Tracy Holland, medical technologist with the Pathology Department, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for August. Holland, lead medical technologist in the Core Lab, has been with NMMC since 1995.

She is a graduate of Shannon High School and earned a bachelor’s degree from Blue Mountain College. Holland is a graduate of NMMC’s Medical Technology Program.

“My job has given me a great amount of self-gratification to be able to help those around me in my daily activities,” Holland said. “Technology within the laboratory is constantly changing, and I enjoy learning new things.”

In her nomination, coworkers emphasized Holland’s unselfishness and strong work ethic. “Tracy is a wonderful asset to the Pathology Department,” Toni Taylor, assistant administrative director of the Pathology Department, wrote in Holland’s nomination. “You can always rest assured that Tracy will accomplish any assigned task in not only a very thorough but also a very timely manner. She takes personal responsibility for whatever she does and holds herself personally accountable for the quality of her work.”

Steve Hersey

July 2010

Steve Hersey, physicist assistant at North Mississippi Medical Center’s Cancer Center, was selected Employee of the Month for July.

Hersey, a Shannon High School graduate, joined NMMC in 1982. This is the second time he’s received Employee of the Month, having won the award in September 1992 as well.

“The best part of my job is having a great department to work in and different tasks I face every day,” Hersey said. “I love the support I get from my coworkers and the trust they have in me in the job that I do.”
In his nomination, Hersey was praised for his unselfishness and work ethic. “Steve has one focus and that is anyone other than himself,” Paula Turner, director of NMMC’s Cancer Center, wrote. “He goes out of his way to make sure that our patients are well cared for, and he checks in with our staff to see if there is any way that he can help.”

“I have worked with Steve for the past 21 years at the Cancer Center,” one coworker wrote in his nomination. “I can say in that 21 years I have never heard him say ‘that’s not my job’ or ‘I am too busy.’ No matter what the request from coworkers, he is always willing to help.”

Teresa Norfleet

June 2010

Teresa Norfleet, outreach client advocate in the Pathology Department, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s June Employee of the Month.

Norfleet joined NMMC in 1988. She has also worked as a clerk in Medical Records, an Education Department assistant and in Employment Services as an employment interviewer.

“Teresa is one of those employees who never says ‘this is not my job,’” a coworker said in her nomination. “It doesn’t matter what you ask of her, she is always willing to do her best to help in whatever way she can.”

Norfleet says what she enjoys most about her job is interacting with people, both patients and coworkers, and helping to meet their needs. “No day is ever the same,” Norfleet said. “I love meeting people and, of course, I will go above and beyond to please my customers and coworkers. I believe in treating people the way I want to be treated.”

Sarah Hammock

May 2010

Sarah Hammock, Home Health liaison nurse, was selected North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for May.

Hammock joined NMMC in 2004. She worked as a route nurse for the Fulton branch of NMMC’s Home Health Agency for four years before receiving her current position.

“Sarah Hammock goes above and beyond on a daily basis in her liaison role,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. “Although her workload can be overwhelming at times, she always makes sure the patient is taken care of. She isn’t going to leave work undone, no matter what the task.”

“Sarah works well with various levels of the health care team,” another coworker wrote. “She is well respected by staff, administration and physicians, and works well with each group to ensure safety and quality in the delivery of health care services.”