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2011-12 North Mississippi Medical Center Employees of the Month

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Cecelia Davis

March 2012

Cecelia Davis, a laboratory assistant for North Mississippi Medical Center’s Pathology Department, has been named Employee of the Month for March at NMMC.

Davis has worked in the Pathology Department on a full-time basis for 30 years, 43 years counting part-time and PRN work. The Carver High School graduate began working at NMMC in 1968 and left full-time work after nine years, staying on for PRN and part-time service. Davis returned in 1991.

“Cecelia is an outstanding employee with high values and great concern for others,” a coworker wrote in Davis’ nomination. “She always makes sure her work is done right and never takes shortcuts. She is an excellent example of what this hospital is all about—the best!”

“If I had to describe Cecelia in one word, it would be selfless,” another coworker wrote. “She is the most giving person I have ever met. Not only are her phlebotomy skills flawless, she is always moving and working to make things easier for her coworkers, both in and out of the lab. She is full of compassion. She genuinely cares about the patients she comes in contact with, and many even request her by name when it’s time for their labs to be drawn.”

Davis said the best part of her job is her coworkers, and she loves helping her patients.

Davis resides in Tupelo. She has three children—Roy Hadley III, Jennifer Mack and Stephanie Hadley—and five grandchildren.

2011-12 Employee of the Year

Dorie Crouch

February 2012

Dorie Crouch, a financial/productivity analyst in North Mississippi Health Services Administration, was named the North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for February.

Crouch has worked at NMMC for 16 years. She is a Tupelo High School graduate and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Mississippi at Oxford. Crouch also earned Clinical Resource Leader Certification from the Labor Management Institute.

“Dorie has worn many hats in the Accounting Department, and she has done excellent work in all of those roles,” Kristy Duke, NMHS Accounting director, wrote in her nomination. “She is a person who is very conscientious of her work, but is also very thoughtful and caring about the people that are around her.”

“Dorie Crouch is not only a responsible and capable member of our Accounting Department, she is a valuable coworker who easily garners respect and admiration for her patient, thorough and above all, enthusiastic daily interactions with staff members system-wide,” wrote Donna Lewis, chief nursing officer and Administrator for Medicine Services. “She is very knowledgeable about all facets of financial and accounting processes, policies and procedures, and she is always available to share information and to give assistance in a timely manner.”

She and her husband Ronald have four children—Ashley, 24; Keeley, 20; Bradley, 19; and Lauren, 16. She also has a 2-year-old grandson, Hayden. Crouch lives in Myrtle and attends Oak Hill Baptist Church.

“I am truly blessed to work daily with some of the best individuals within this organization,” Crouch said. “The employees of NMHS are what make our hospital one of the best places to work in this nation. Being able to assist managers and staff with financial issues and questions is gratifying, especially when they realize the financial impact that their decisions make on the organization as a whole.”

Diane Furtick

January 2012

Diane Furtick, trauma registrar, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for January.
Furtick joined NMMC in 1993. She served nine years as a paramedic and four years as a flight medic before joining the Trauma Department.

She is a graduate of Rosedale High School and earned a computer science degree from Mississippi Delta Community College in Moorhead. She achieved her EMT-Intermediate at the University Medical Center School of Health-Related Studies and her paramedic certification at Itawamba Community College.

“What I love most about my job is that I can continue to help care for patients,” Furtick said. “When I first started this job, I missed patient care but after a while, I realized that I can do patient care from this aspect. I love people and caring for others in their time of need. I also love the people I work with. They are a super team.”

Coworkers and colleagues praised Furtick for her knowledge and devotion to her job. “Diane Furtick has been an integral part of the Trauma System in Mississippi for many years,” said Carrie McFarland, state trauma registrar with the Mississippi Department of Health. “She has been instrumental in our state software selection, development and testing. Throughout the years, she has endeavored to help ensure Mississippi has a model Trauma Registry. Diane is one whom her peers look up to for guidance and assistance, not only at her hospital and in her region, but across the state.”

“Diane is always ready to help anyone with a problem, no matter what it is,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. “Diane is a great person to work with, and she always takes time to help others when they need her assistance.”

She is married to Jim Furtick. Her children include daughter Hanna Dreher and grandson Colby Dreher, son Carey Estes and daughter-in-law Holly Estes. Furtick attends Parkway Baptist Church in Tupelo.


Debbie Anthony

December 2011

Debbie Anthony, medical technologist in the Pathology Department, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s December Employee of the Month.

Anthony has worked at NMMC for 32 years. She is a West Point native and a graduate of West Point High School. Anthony earned a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

Anthony was praised by coworkers for her dedication to her job and also her compassion for others. “Debbie is very thorough in her work, very thoughtful in her processing of problems and her years of experience give her great insight into troubleshooting,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. “She is methodical in her approach to benchwork, which means few errors. You can always rely on her results to be correct and accurate. She is also a wonderful person, dedicated to her family and her church.”

“Debbie is never still. She has the most amazing energy of anyone I know,” another coworker wrote. “I think this is why she gets so much accomplished. She is very conscientious about performing her job the best she possibly can. She shows caring and concern for her fellow workers, her family and friends.

Anthony said she enjoys being part of a team that makes a difference in people’s lives. “What I love most about my job is the freedom I have to make the best decisions for my patients that I care for. I have guidelines to operate within but I still have the freedom to exercise good personal work ethics,” she said.

She is married to David Anthony and has one son, Barry Replogle. She attends Parkway Baptist Church in Tupelo.

Reba McCoy

November 2011

Reba McCoy, Environmental Services technician at Baldwyn Nursing Facility, was named Employee of the Month for November at North Mississippi Medical Center.

McCoy joined NMMC in 2007. She is a Jumpertown High School graduate who currently resides in Baldwyn.

In her nomination, McCoy was praised for her teamwork and her generosity. “Whenever we have a new person in the department, Reba is quick to assist them with any questions they may have or help they may need,” a coworker said in her nomination. “She does all of this without being asked. She’s also a big help to her coworkers. She doesn’t limit her job to her primary responsibilities but will help anyone anytime she’s needed.”

“Reba is one of the hardest working employees I know,” another coworker wrote. “She is committed to her job and takes a lot of pride in her work. Whether she’s out on the floor or in the laundry, she’s going to do a thorough job.”

McCoy said thanks to her job, every day is a blessing. The best part of my job is helping those who cannot help themselves,” McCoy said. “What I love most of all is being a small part of the Baldwyn Nursing Facility. I wished I had joined them earlier in life. It makes me so happy that I have helped a resident have a brighter day doing just a small thing for them. I always go home blessed every day.”

She is married to Robert McCoy, pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Baldwyn.

Tammy Bell

October 2011

Tammy Bell, office coordinator for the Breast Care Center, was named North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for October. Bell joined NMMC in 1991. She is a Saltillo High School graduate.

In her nomination, Bell was cited for her work ethic and going above and beyond her job duties. “Tammy is very dedicated to her job,” a coworker wrote of Bell. “If a patient is waiting on prior films from another location, Tammy has volunteered to go and pick up the films herself. She has also driven patients to their appointments at other facilities on her own time. Tammy has always been a very important backbone to our facility.”

“Tammy is an exceptional employee and a huge asset to the Breast Care Center,” another coworker wrote. “Tammy is always dependable and is a stickler for doing it right the first time. She has compassion for each and every patient she comes in contact with.”

Bell said that dealing with patients and her coworkers make her job more enjoyable. “The best part of my job is knowing that I make a difference in the lives and well-being of others,” Bell said. “I love my coworkers.”

She is married to Phil Bell and has three children, Jay Clemons, 27, Justin Clemons, 21, and Ryan Bell, 23. Bell attends First Methodist Church of Saltillo.

Paula Hall

September 2011

Paula Hall, assistant technical director of North Mississippi Medical Center’s Radiology Department, was selected September Employee of the Month.

Hall joined NMMC in 1998. The Blue Springs native is a graduate of East Union Attendance Center and earned an associate’s degree from Itawamba Community College in Fulton. She is also a Basic Life Support/CPR instructor.

Hall is recognized by her coworkers as someone who is efficient in her job and compassionate with patients and families. “(Paula) is a key resource working with acutely ill or trauma patients,” said a coworker in her nomination. “She gently but quickly exceeds the demands required of performing radiology imaging on patients in pain or with life-threatening illness while providing genuine care and concern. Her ability to comfort and console patients and family is a gift she uses wisely.”

“Paula is a team player and has an excellent work attitude,” another coworker wrote in her nomination. “She provides care and concern for patients and family members. Her quality of work and behavior consistently exceed all patient and customer expectations.”

She and her husband Jesse have been married for 14 years and have two sons—Gavin, 8, and Caden, 4. The family attends Parks Baptist Church in Blue Springs.

“What I love most about my job is being able to care for patients and their families and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life. Also, I love my team, they have great patient care skills and they care for each other.”

Angie Rainer

August 2011

Angie Rainer, RRT, Critical Care respiratory therapist and relief supervisor, was selected North Mississippi Medical Center’s Employee of the Month for August.

Rainer joined NMMC in 1991. The Pontotoc resident graduated from South Pontotoc High School and earned an associate’s degree and her respiratory therapy technology training from Itawamba Community College in Fulton.

In her nomination, Rainer was cited for her care and compassion for her patients. “Angie works primarily on 3 East with some of the more critically ill pulmonary patients. She is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field,” James Rish, M.D., medical director of NMMC’s Respiratory Care program, wrote in Rainer’s nomination. “Always a patient advocate, she works diligently with her coworkers to restore these patients to their former lives. Her positive attitude and encouraging words have a profound impact on her patients and their families.”

“She takes responsibility for getting her job done and doing it completely and in the best interest of the patient, regardless of her assignment,” a coworker added in her nomination. “The words ‘it is not my job’ will never be heard coming from Angie. She takes pride in delivering care and service to our patients and other health care providers, and always with a smile and positive spirit.”

Rainer said she loves her coworkers and patients and being able to serve others in her job. “This is more than a job to me. (Our patients) are not here because they want to be. They need us and we need them,” she said “Each one of them is a blessing and it is a privilege to be able to serve and help each one not only in doing the job I’m trained for but also listening and praying for them.”

She and her husband Jimmy have been married for 33 years and attend By Faith Baptist Church in Pontotoc. The couple has two grown sons—Allen, whose family includes wife Selena and daughters Kaylen, 10, and Kiana, 6, and Cody.

Mary Ann Peden

July 2011

Mary Ann Peden, RN, charge nurse at Baldwyn Nursing Facility, was named Employee of the Month for July at North Mississippi Medical Center.

Peden has been with NMMC for 24 years. The Baldwyn native began her career as a certified nursing assistant at Baldwyn Nursing Facility in 1987. She briefly worked at NMMC-Tupelo as an RN on 5 South in 1992 before rejoining Baldwyn Nursing Facility as charge nurse in December of that year.

She is a graduate of Baldwyn High School and earned an associate’s degree from Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville.
Peden said the best part of her job is “caring for my patients and for their families and working with the great staff at Baldwyn Nursing Facility.”
Her coworkers hold her in very high regard for her hard work and respect for patients and coworkers.

“Hardworking and dedicated are just two of many words I can use to describe Mary Ann,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. “She never says ‘I can’t’ in regard to work. Mary Ann is knowledgeable of her residents’ conditions and keeps the nurse practitioner or doctor up to date with changes.”

“Mary Ann seems to step in and take charge just at the right time to keep things flowing for continuation of care,” another coworker wrote. “She never places blame but always looks for a solution to the problem.”

She is married to Joe Peden and the couple has two daughters, Bonnie Bearden and Christie Keith, and six grandchildren. They attend First Christian Church in Baldwyn.

Zachary Bragg

June 2011

Zachary Bragg, certified nursing assistant on 2 West, was named Employee of the Month for June at North Mississippi Medical Center.
Bragg, a Hattiesburg native, has been with NMMC since 2005. He is a graduate of East Central High School in Hurley, and is currently a student at Itawamba Community College.

“What I love most about my job is being a servant,” Bragg said. “I often think of what I do as less of a job and more of a ministry. Jesus came to serve, and I want to be like him. I find joy in serving others.”

Bragg was praised in his nomination as a hard worker who is compassionate to his patients and their families. “Zach is by far the best CNA I have ever worked with,” a coworker wrote in his nomination. “He is always willing to help with anything and he goes out of his way to help us out when needed. He has an awesome bedside manner and is always polite to the patients and their families.”

“Zach Bragg is a great person to work with. He is kind and caring toward coworkers. He knows his job and does it well. He never has to be told what to do,” another coworker noted. “He is wonderful to our patients. We have many elderly patients and he is so kind to them. All the patients love to have Zach come and do things with them.”

Bragg gave credit to his coworkers for helping make his job easier and said that he takes pleasure in serving his patients. “My coworkers on 2 West are all very helpful and always have a positive attitude,” Bragg said. “Our nurse manager, Jackie Soden, is supportive and does her best to make sure we have what we need. Their teamwork makes my job a lot easier and allows me to enjoy my job all the more.”

He and his wife Jessica are expecting their first child in August. The couple attends Lifeline Fellowship Church in Tupelo.

Brad Brashier

May 2011

Brad Brashier, physical therapist for North Mississippi Medical Center Home Health, was selected as NMMC’s Employee of the Month for May.

Brashier has been with NMMC since 2003. Before joining Home Health five years ago, he worked as a physical therapist in Acute Care.
A graduate of Jackson Preparatory School, Brashier earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Mississippi State University in Starkville, Miss., and a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“There are 70 just like me in our department and you could’ve given this to any of us and it would have been well-deserved,” Brashier said.
Brashier was recognized for being a hard worker who provides more than just medical care for his patients and coworkers.

“Brad is a skilled home health physical therapist who carries a heavy load of patients and does so cheerfully and is still willing to assist others as needed,” a coworker wrote in his nomination.

“Brad is always doing extra things for his patients that he does not have to do,” another coworker added. “Besides giving excellent medical care, he does special things for them that always make them smile. Some examples are: rearranging furniture, changing light bulbs, unstopping toilets and countless other household chores. Going the extra mile and further for his patients is what Brad always does.”

Brashier and his wife Sarah have four children—Mary Blake, 9; Collins, 7; Griffin, 2; and Wren, 6 months. The family attends Lawndale Presbyterian Church.

When asked about the best part of his job, Brashier said “it’s when I can leave a patient’s home and know that God has used me to bless that person in some way.”