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Benefits - Your Pay


All payroll stubs are disbursed each Friday of payroll week after 3 p.m. Payroll week ends on a Monday morning and employees are paid on the following Friday. There are 26 pay periods in a year.


All employees are required to sign up for direct deposit. You are provided the opportunity to have your pay automatically deposited into your checking or savings account at your bank. With direct deposit, your money is in your account on payday Friday at most banks.


There is a potential increase for all employees annually in December. The percentage of increase depends upon personal performance and position in range.


You are provided opportunity to receive an annual incentive bonus when company goals are met. The bonus would be equal from zero percent to 5 percent of your gross earnings from October to September of the previous fiscal year.


In the last pay period of September of each year, all sick hours accrued in excess of 520 hours (65 days) will be bought back at a rate of one hour's pay for each two hours accrued time. All regular full-time employees who are actively employed on October 1 of each year are eligible.