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Chest Pain Center

Open 24 hours daily in the Heart Institute, NMMC's Chest Pain Center is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to help cardiologists determine if the patient has already suffered a heart attack, is in danger of a heart attack, or if the chest pain is not heart-related.

The Chest Pain Center works like this: a patient who comes to the Emergency Department at NMMC or another facility is examined by the Emergency Department physician. The patient has blood tests and an EKG, a test that records the heart’s electrical activity through 10 small electrode patches attached to the skin of the chest, arms and legs.

If the patient’s EKG is abnormal, indicating poor blood flow to the heart, the patient is admitted to the hospital. If the EKG and lab tests are normal, the patient is no longer having chest pain or has a low risk for heart problems, the patient is moved to the Chest Pain Center for observation.

If the issue is heart-related, prompt attention may prevent a heart attack. If, however, heart disease is ruled out, the patient’s doctor can then proceed to find the cause for the pain.

Typically patients spend less than six hours in the Chest Pain Center, which allows adequate time for observation without the expense of a hospital admission.

830 South Gloster Street

Tupelo, Mississippi 38801