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Job Satisfaction

Survey Results Help NMMC Continue to Improve Work Environment

The results from North Mississippi Health Services’ 2012 Employee Opinion Survey earned NMHS the designation as Best-in-Class for Engagement, Overall Job Satisfaction and Concern for Patient Care for having the highest scores among a field of more than 500 hospitals and health care systems in the United States.  Eighty-six percent of  NMHS’ employees completed the survey in May.

Avatar HR Solutions, which conducts NMHS’ biannual employee surveys, recognizes clients for achieving excellence in their results and awards a Best-in-Class seal each year to select organizations whose scores are within the top 10 percent of its normative database.

NMHS was ranked No. 1 for receiving the overall top score and the highest marks available, the 99th percentile, in seven areas:  Satisfaction with the Work, Promotions/Career Advancement, Supervisory Consideration, Supervisory Promotion of Teamwork, Supervisory Instruction/Guidance, Communication, and Training and Development. NMHS ranked No. 1 in the Avatar database in five dimensions and achieved a Best-in-Class designation for 15 of 18 dimensions and exceeded the national health care norm scores in all 18 dimensions.

NMHS, which has an annual employee retention rate of 92 percent, scored in the 91st percentile in 2004, 93rd in 2006, 98th percentile in 2006, 94th percentile in 2010 and 99th and top overall in 2012 among all hospitals and health care systems surveyed by Avatar HR Solutions.

Special thanks are extended to employees throughout regional health care organization for helping create such a great culture and for achieving such great results.