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Job Search Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I inquire about open positions at NMMC?
    Call NMMC's 24-hour JobLine at (888) 822-0009 or click on "Browse Jobs" at

  • How do I apply for a position with NMMC?
    Click here to apply.

  • How long is my Employment Application active?
    Employment applications are active for 60 days from the date completed.

  • How do I renew my application?
    Once an employment application is older than 60 days it is no longer active. To renew your application you will need to complete a new one.

  • Tell me more about the assessments that I took during my interview in Employment Services.
    NMMC utilizes a battery of Wonderlic behavioral, cognitive and skills based pre-employment assessments to aid our interviewers in recommending applicants for future employment consideration. The number of assessments you take is determined by the position(s) for which you are being considered.

  • What should I expect after the Employment Services initial interview?
    Please refer to the After the Interview section of this website.
  • How long must one stay in one position before becoming eligible to transfer to another?
    Before you can transfer to a new position, you must be employed in your current position for at least six months.

  • Does NMMC provide relocation expenses?
    Relocation assistance is provided based on recruiting needs. Please inquire with your recruiter to determine if relocation assistance is available for the desired position.

  • How often are employees paid?
    There are 26 pay periods in a year. Your pay is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account at your bank. For more information, please see the Your Pay section of the Benefit Summary.

  • How do I get more information about benefits?
    A Benefits Summary is posted.

  • Do you provide tuition reimbursement?
    An employee may apply for academic reimbursement after one year of full-time employment. With appropriate prior approval, an employee may be reimbursed for academic course work.

    Our Academic Reimbursement guideline is posted.

  • What retirement benefits do you offer?
    NMHS provides three different retirement opportunities for eligible employees. For more information, please see the Savings and Investment Opportunities section of the Benefit Summary.

  • Where do I park and what does it cost?
    Free parking is provided in an area designated for employees.