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Graduation & Certification

The student’s goal is successful completion of the year’s study and graduation from the program. Students in the 3+1 program receive a B.S. degree from the affiliate university or college. The hospital presents an inscribed certificate and the school pin to each graduate at an appropriate ceremony.

Upon successful completion of the course of study, all students are eligible for certification by a national certification agency, such as ASCP. Information regarding this agency will be provided by the program coordinator. While a student, one is highly encouraged to become an active member of a professional organization for medical laboratory scientists.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive the required number of hours to fulfill the baccalaureate degree requirements at the university or college. The number of hours transferred to the university or college is as follows:

Mississippi State University 30 hours
Blue Mountain College 32 hours
University of Mississippi 33 hours
Delta State University 32 hours