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NMMC Orthopaedic Trauma Program

Patient Success Stories


"I had a wreck and was brought to the hospital and was told I had a 100 percent chance of losing my leg. I spent a lot of time in prayer and was moved from the Critical Care Unit to a regular room. God answers prayers when He’s ready, but this one was pretty quick. The next morning, Dr. Van Osten came in and told me to get somebody to bring me a lot of books, because he was going to try to save my leg and I would be here for a while. He did a surgery on me every week for almost two months and he did save my leg. He is fantastic – supportive, caring and smart. I love him like another son. My leg will never be just like it was before, but I’ve got it and I can walk. I’m very thankful for Dr. Van Osten."
Kathy Harvey, Corinth


"I had a serious accident a couple of years ago. I was hit by a pickup truck on my motorcycle, and it shattered my left leg. Dr. Van Osten put my leg back together. I had six surgeries, and he put my leg back together in perfect alignment using rods, plates and screws. The most difficult thing was getting my skin to heal, and he went all out to make sure it healed. I now have no restrictions – I hunt, walk and ride a bicycle. My wife made me give up riding my motorcycle, but I couldn’t be more pleased with my recovery. I can’t really put it into words how grateful I am that I had Dr. Van Osten during such a difficult time."
Dr. Ken Lippincott, Tupelo


"I ran into the back of a garbage truck on my motorcycle. I broke 16 bones and completely lost my elbow. It’s been a long road of surgeries and trying different things to try to get me healed, but I am thankful for Dr. Van Osten. He did as much as he could. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. He put me back together."
Joseph Johnson, Bay Springs


"My son and I were riding in an off-road vehicle. It was his first day driving it and I was his passenger. He turned too sharp and it turned over, and came down on my arm. He called 911 and then was able to get the vehicle off of me. My arm was smashed and crooked and had a bad wound – it was a mess. From the ambulance, I went straight to X-ray and then met Dr. Van Osten. He did surgery that night. I was very lucky he saved my arm. It’s looking good now. I still have a little pain, but I can move it fine and it’s loosening up. He and the whole staff were wonderful to me. They are really good people."
Beverly Tutor, Pontotoc