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Medical Ethics

2014 Medical Ethics Program Agenda

Medical ethics is the discipline of evaluating the merits, risks and social concerns of activities in the field of medicine. Medical ethics is also the study of moral values as they apply to medicine. In some cases, moral values can be in conflict, and ethical dilemmas can result. These may be occasions when the values of the patient or family member are in conflict with the medical community.

The growth of medical knowledge and rapid expansion of medical technology have generated unprecedented opportunities and challenges in the delivery of health care. At the same time, these developments have created difficult moral issues for health professionals, patients and families of patients. These moral issues in conflict occur because different concerns related to the rights and welfare of patients may suggest conflicting courses of action.

Medical Ethics Forum meetings are held each month to present many of these difficult moral issues and provide a forum for discussing. You’re invited to attend each month’s medical ethics forum meeting, third Thursday (March and December, held the second Thursday), starting at 7:30 a.m. in education room #21. The following is the 2014 Medical Ethics Program Agenda.

May 15 Striking a Balance Between Those Who Pay for Health Care and Those Who Use Health Care Rodger Brown
June 19 Does the Transparency of Health Care and Quality Breed Better Care or Better Statisticians? Lee Greer, M.D.
July 17 Matching Drugs to Tumors: Targeted Therapies for Cancer Mark Williams, M.D.
Aug. 21 An Ethical Quandary: End of Life Care or Death Panels - Who Decides?

Ashley Harris, M.D.


Sept. 18 Drugs Influencing Physicians? Brian Condit, M.D.
Oct. 16 The Effects of Maternal Drug Use on Infants and Children Brian Darling, M.D.
Nov. 20 Charity Care Joe Reppert, CFO
Dec. 11 Transformation of the Health Care Industry - A Progress Report Gerald Wages

All members of NMMC staff and community are invited to attend this informative meeting. Continuing education credits are available for physicians, nurses, case managers/social workers, PT, OT, SLP and pharmacists.

For more information, call the Rev. James Richardson, Chair, at (662) 377-3439.