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RN Graduate Nurse Benefit Summary

Education & Training

• Individualized orientation - PBDS baseline assessment
• Patient-centered care delivery model
• Tuition reimbursement - further education
• On site Continuous Training Center - free CEUs
• Electronic health record
• Flexible scheduling
• Mentoring program

Benefits - Insurance Premiums

• Live Well Medical with Health Risk Assessment discount
• Paid Dental
• Paid Vision
• Paid Prescription Plan
• Paid Disability
• Paid Life Insurance
• Paid Professional Liability

Benefits - Retirement

• Profit sharing plan with employer match
• Tax deferred annuity

Benefits - Time Off

• PTO accrued bi-weekly - 2.77 hours
• Short-term disability accrued bi-weekly - 3.69 hours
• Vacation: After one year of service, 80 hours accrued per year.

Other Benefits

• On campus Wellness Center
• On campus Child Care Center
• On campus Credit Union
• Direct deposit
• Wellness Buy Back
• Incentive bonus opportunities

If questions arise, please consult Summary Plan Descriptions.

Our starting salary for graduate nurses is $21.75 per hour which annualizes to $45,240. We also offer an attractive array of benefits which are valued at an additional 35% of salary or $14,784, making a total package of benefits and base annualized salary of $60,024. In addition, we provide shift differentials of $2.25 for shift 2 (3 p.m.-11 p.m.) and $4 for shift 3 (11 p.m.-7 a.m.).

For example, total earning opportunity:
Starting annualized salary and benefits of $60,024 plus shift 2 differential equals a total annualized salary of $64,704.

Starting annualized salary and benefits of $60,024 plus shift 3 differential equals a total annualized salary of $68,344.

The above amounts are based on working complete schedules as a full-time registered nurse, and based on data as of October 1, 2014.