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NMMC Sleep Disorders Center

1845 S. Green St.

Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone--(662) 377-3258

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Millions of people didn't sleep well last night and they probably won't again tonight. An estimated one-third of Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder or disturbance.

While many of these are minor, some can have serious repercussions ranging from excessive daytime sleepiness to hypertension, heart disease and even death. Fortunately, most sleep disorders are treatable once they are diagnosed.

At the NMMC-Tupelo Sleep Disorders Center, our overall goal is to support the Mission of North Mississippi Health Services, which is to continuously improve the health of the people in our region.

With 16 patient rooms, the NMMC-Tupelo Sleep Disorders Center is the largest sleep disorders center in Mississippi and is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. To receive AASM accreditation, a center must meet or exceed all standards for professional, quality health care as designated by the Academy. The AASM is a professional membership organization representing sleep medicine clinicians, researchers, facilities and educators. AASM standards ensure incorporation of the latest advances in sleep medicine into all evaluations and treatment plans.

To earn AASM accreditation, NMMC-Tupelo's Sleep Disorders Center facilities and staff underwent detailed inspections, including an evaluation of testing procedures, patient contacts and physician training. Accreditation status is reevaluated every five years.

The NMMC-Tupelo Sleep Disorders Center helps people overcome sleep apnea, narcolepsy, chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders. Patients receive an extensive evaluation by a sleep specialist and may be asked to spend a night or two at the Sleep Disorders Center for testing. A polysomnogram, or sleep study, is performed throughout the night in a private room, complete with sophisticated equipment to monitor sleep patterns, breathing, heart activity and body movements.

For more information about NMMC-Tupelo's Sleep Disorders Center, call (662) 377-3258 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375).

Specifically, the goals of the NMMC-Tupelo Sleep Disorders Center are to:

  • Provide high quality, accessible Sleep Medicine consultative expertise and appropriate diagnostic testing to the physicians and patients of our service area.>
  • Increase the recognition of sleep disorders as real contributors to health risk by physicians.
  • Educate the public on the risks of sleep disorders and symptoms that justify referral to a physician.

The NMMC-Tupelo Sleep Disorders Center has raised the awareness and acceptance of Sleep Disorders among physicians resulting in better recognition of possible sleep disorders and allowing earlier intervention. The Sleep Disorders Center has created an increased awareness of potential sleep disorders and their consequences in the general population. This has prompted increased inquiries regarding daytime sleepiness and other sleep symptoms to health care providers.

The Center is located in NMMC's main hospital at 1845 S. Green St., and is staffed by registered polysomnographers. The medical director, a board-certified pulmonologist, is an accredited diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Six other ABSM diplomate physicians are affiliated with the center.

Services are available through physician referral.

Sleep Disorders Center Brochure

For more information about NMMC's Sleep Disorders Center, call (662) 377-3258 or 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375). The center's fax number is (662) 377-2212.