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Student Loan Forgiveness

How do I qualify?

Have outstanding educational loans to other health care organizations and/or lending institutions and provide acceptable verification of the loan amounts.

Be a new graduate who has begun employment into a full-time status position as a registered nurse with North Mississippi Medical Center-Tupelo (NMMC-Tupelo) according to the following dates:

• December 2013 graduate employed on or before April 11, 2014
• May 2014 graduate employed on or before August 15, 2014

You must remain in full-time status for the period of the loan repayment.

What if I receive an NMMC scholarship/tuition reimbursement?

Student loan forgiveness will only be available for semesters that scholarship/tuition reimbursement was not received. Eligibility will be reviewed and if deemed eligible, will be paid on a pro-rated basis.

How much?

BSN Degree – Up to $6,400 of verified loan(s).

How is it paid?

BSN Degree – Each pay period (every two weeks), $128 will be added to your pay for 50 pay periods provided you remain employed as above. This is taxable income to you.

What if I leave employment or change to a non full-time status?

If you leave employment with NMMC-Tupelo or change to a non full-time status, payments will cease and you will have no obligation to refund the money received prior to leaving or changing status.

When does it start?

Upon passing boards and being licensed as a registered nurse eligible to practice in Mississippi. If applying for student loan forgiveness, all paperwork must be submitted to Employment Services by:
• December 2013 graduate - April 25, 2014
• May 2014 graduate - September 5, 2014