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Student Orientation


The goal of corporate orientation for students associated with North Mississippi Medical Center is to provide an informed, safe and effective launch of a quality clinical experience for the emerging health care provider. Any department or clinical area hosting students may confirm/clarify a school contract to provide clinical experience within our organization through the office of the Vice President of Human Resources. All student agreements must be routed through this central office.

Any student documenting in the electronic medical record must receive Management Information Systems (MIS) training and sign appropriate security/privacy documents. This schedule is set directly with the MIS Department and must be scheduled in advance. Contact MIS at (662) 377-3762 with any questions regarding student training/documentation in the Electronic Medical Record.

No student may be on the premises without completing a valid student orientation and follow-up. This process is intended for ALL students in ALL areas.

Please click on the Student Orientation Flowchart to see all Student Orientation options. Remember to check with your clinical instructor to verify which orientation option is right for you.

Student Orientation CBT Module Library

Forms and Templates

Students will need to print off and sign student contracts for any facility at which he or she will be working.





NMMC-West Point

North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton

North Mississippi Medical Clinics, Inc.

Security Badge Access Form

Student Job Shadower Form

Form must be printed, signed and submitted to Employment Services.