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Guests & Temporary Memberships



Guests who live within 30 miles of the Wellness Center are limited to four visits per year.

Guest with a member $5

Guest without a member


One week guest pass



Temporary Membership

(See policy below)

One month temporary membership


Three month temporary membership


One month for NMMC-sponsored interns


Three months for NMMC-sponsored interns


One month temporary pool membership


Three month temporary pool membership



Temporary Membership Policy

Three types of temporary Wellness Center memberships are available:

Type A

College student/high school membership—Christmas break, summer break and any other time approved by Member Services Coordinator

Type B

NMMC sponsored physicians interns—must be sponsored by NMMC physician and approved by Member Services Coordinator

Type C

Other temporary memberships as approved by the Member Services Coordinator, such as interns at other businesses, out-of-area consultants, military, etc.


· A visitor to our community may exercise at the Wellness Center by going through the normal temporary membership process and presenting identification showing a permanent address that is more than 35 miles away.

· Terms of temporary membership are dependent upon needs of temporary member, with no membership less than one month nor more than three months.

· Dues for all temporary memberships are to be paid in full at the time of enrollment (no pro-rate). Any exceptions should be cleared by the Member Service Coordinator.

· All temporary members must sign a temporary membership agreement.

· All temporary members must complete the Guest Health History Questionnaire. As with guests, this must be reviewed by a Fitness Instructor. Temporary members must also have their blood pressure checked.

· Temporary members should receive a brief Wellness Center tour if time allows.