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Exercise Class Schedule

Click here for our Exercise Class Schedule


The NMMC Wellness Center in Tupelo offers the following exercise classes:

Advanced Circuit Training

A class that alternates cardiovascular with segments of training (meets on the fitness floor).

Aqua Zumba

It's Zumba in the water!


Aqua Piloxing

A nonstop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance in the water.


Cardio Reset!

Bring the party to the fitness floor! This class will have you sweating with cardio dance, Zumba toning and step!


Chair Yoga

A class designed for individuals with any physical limitations. This class uses chairs for all the exercises.

CV Lite Circuit

A class using the cardiovascular equipment on the fitness floor.

Circuit Surprise

A circuit style class led by the fitness floor instructors.



Super fun and hard core class. If you want to work hard, sweat and see results with cardio and strength training, then this is the class for you!


Gentle Restorative Yoga

A gentle class for those wishing to slow down their pace. Focus is on breathing, balance, stretching and releasing tension. Restorative yoga brings harmony to the body's rhythms. Props are used to place the body in comfortable relaxing poses. This enables the mind to clear, the breath to deepen and the body to easily relax.



A water class that includes cardio conditioning and strength conditioning.

H2O Boot Camp

A fun class that consist of drills and intervals of strength training and cardio.

H2O Explosion

Treat your body to a super cardiovascular workout... get ready to sweat!

Lite Circuit /Girls Circuit

A class using the strength machines and walking track on the fitness floor.

Muscle Cut

This class will work on total body shaping utilizing bands, weights and benches.

Pilates Conditioning

Intense core body training using the mat with some stability ball and hand weights.


A combination class of Pilates and boxing using half pound gloves. Experience strength training, core conditioning and cardio all in one class.



A class that is designed to build strength and gain flexibility. The class is filled with intense choreography that's fun, challenging and will make you sweat. This class has energy, power and rhythm.


Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometric, Endurance & Diet

A calorie-storching, fat torching program. Five workout segments in each class help you burn more than 700 calories in under an hour. A complete toning, strengthening and cardio workout for the whole body.

spin class photoSpin

An indoor cycling class that is sure to make you sweat! Meets in the aerobic room next to racquetball court.

Spin & More

A 30-minute cycling class with a 15-minute sculpting session at the end of class.


A very fun and basic step class with intervals of strength training and cardio training using the step.

T'ai Chi Chih

A series of 19 movements that improve balance, physical fitness, flexibility and stamina.



This class integrates sequenced pose flows with sustained postures in order to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. While challenging enough for the trained athlete, this class is suitable for all levels.


A fusion of Latin and International music/dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness workout! The routines feature simple, easy to follow, repetitive dance steps, aerobic/fitness interval training that tone and sculpt the body. This class is designed for all fitness levels... even those with two left feet!


Zumba Toning

Challenge yourself by using toning sticks or light weights. This class enhances a sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones including arms, core and lower body.