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NMMC-West Point Employee of the Quarter


Lady Quinn


Nursing assistant Lady Quinn joined the hospital staff in 1996. A graduate of Aberdeen High School, she attended Itawamba Community College and is a certified nursing assistant.

“She is always willing to go overboard to help coworkers finish their task, with a smile at all times,” her nomination states. “She demonstrates compassion to her patients. Her work is not just a job to her; it’s part of her heart.”

“What I love most about my job is communicating with others and caring for my elders,” Quinn said.



Calamity McClinton


Calamity McClinton, a member of the Food and Nutrition Department, joined the NMMC staff in 1994. She is a graduate of Ministerial Institute High School, where she was the salutatorian of her class. She is also Serv Safe certified. McClinton is always willing to work where and when needed, and has also received a perfect attendance award. Her nomination states that she comes to work on time, never misses a day and always has a positive attitude. She was cited for training new employees to pay close attention to detail and for encouraging customers to try new items.


“I enjoy my job very much, because serving others is my purpose, and my purpose is to serve,” said McClinton.





Leon Kelley


Leon Kelley, fitness assistant and certified personal trainer, joined the NMMC-West Point Wellness Center staff in March 2007 after working 19 years at Bryan Foods.


A graduate of F.O. Alexander High School in Starkville, he attended Mary Holmes College in West Point and Jackson State University in Jackson. He earned his personal training certification in 2014. “Leon has a smile on his face 365 days a year,” his nomination states, noting that members often mention him on satisfaction surveys. He was also cited for consistently going above and beyond.

“My job gives me the opportunity to give back in a special way, making our customers feel better about being healthy,” Kelley said.




Brenda Pennington


Brenda Pennington is a registered nurse in the Emergency Department,


Pennington graduated from Caledonia High School and earned her associate’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus. She is certified in Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and is a legal nurse consultant. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Alabama.

Coworkers praised Pennington as a “go-getter,” someone who always tries to solve problems rather than just talk about them. “She is kind and caring toward her patients and co-workers,” her nomination states. “She checks on her patients. She is a good communicator, smiles and is reassuring. She wants to make NNMC-West Point better today than yesterday.” Pennington says she enjoys working with the hospital’s staff to serve people. “It is wonderful to help others in need,” she said.



Willie T. Davis Jr.

Willie T. Davis Jr., a medical technologist, transferred to North Mississippi Medical Center-West Point in 2012 after working at NMMC-Tupelo from 1990-2007 and at NMMC-Pontotoc from 2009-2012.


Davis is a graduate of Okolona High School. He received his bachelor's degree in medical technology from Mississippi State University.


According to coworkers, Davis is always willing to help and provides excellent service in the laboratory. "He carries his smile everywhere he goes; every person, every time," a coworker wrote in his nomination. "His smile shows up first." Others said Davis always looks for ways to improve outcomes for patients.


"The best part of my job is the people I work with," Davis said. "We are one family getting the job done. Taking care of the community is a privilege we are grateful to have."



Carolyn Neely

Carolyn Neely of the Food and Nutrition Department joined the NMMC-West Point staff in 1999. A graduate of Starkville High School, she attended Mississippi State University. She earned her Serv-Safe certification in 2013.

“Serving the patients and making sure they are comfortable is what I love most about my job,” Neely said.

Coworkers praise Neely for her concern and dedication. She has been recognized numerous times in patient satisfaction surveys for compassionate service to her patients. “Food and Nutrition Services averages in the 96th percentile for ‘courtesy of person serving the food.’ largely due to Carolyn’s customer service skills,” her nomination states. She was also cited for buying customer’s meals in the cafeteria when they didn’t have enough money.



Nicki Raines

Nicki Raines of Business Services joined the hospital staff in 1991 as a transcriptionist in Medical Records. From 1995-2007 she worked as a data entry clerk in Business Services. She was named Business Office supervisor in 2007 and continues to serve in that role. Also during her tenure, she earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus.

Coworkers say Raines is very compassionate, continually learning and always willing to help others. She was cited as a servant leader who truly cares about the hospital and her customers. “She treats everyone fairly and with respect,” her nomination states. “She is very good at explaining bills to customers. They leave with a smile.”

"I feel like I’m part of a team where everyone is willing to fill in and help others when needed,” she said. “It’s like working with family every day.”



Mike Comer

Radiologic technologist Mike Comer joined the NMMC staff in 2006 at the Pain Management Center in Tupelo. He began working part time in NMMC-West Point’s Radiology Department in 2012. He also works as needed at NMMC-Pontotoc.


A graduate of Tupelo High School, Comer attended University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State University) and earned his associate’s degree in radiologic technology from Itawamba Community College.

“One of the things I enjoy most is getting to meet wonderful people—veterans, couples who have been married for 50 or even 60 years, relatives of sports legends,” Comer said. “I have met some very interesting people working at the hospital. It’s also an honor to get to work with good-hearted, highly qualified individuals.”


Paula Miller, RN

Paula Miller, RN, graduated from West Point High School in 1984 and earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus in 1988. She joined the NMMC-West Point staff in May 1988 and currently serves as the hospital’s employee health nurse.

Miller was cited by fellow employees as friendly, professional, a role model and highly respected. “What I love most about my job is helping the people in my own community and seeing their health improve as a result of the many services our hospital offers,” Miller said.


Tamara Ivy

Tamara Ivy, RN, of Same Day Surgery/Outpatient Services joined the NMMC staff in 1981 as a licensed practical nurse. She also had experience working as a medical-surgical charge nurse, relief supervisor and ICU nurse before transferring to her current position.

After graduating from West Point High School, she earned her licensed practical nursing certification in 1980. She earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus and a bachelor’s degree in health sciences from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. In 2012, she received a master’s degree in health care administration and education from the University of Phoenix. Ivy is certified as a legal nurse, in tuberculosis skin testing and as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support instructor. She has served as a lead investigator pertaining to breast cancer.

Tamara says the best part of her job is the opportunity to positively influence the lives of others, as well as the chance to gain unlimited wisdom and knowledge from others. She says this job has taught her the importance of good health, and not to take life and individuals for granted.


Crystal Harville

Crystal Harville, inpatient admissions counselor, joined the NMMC staff in 1988 as a clerk in Facility Operations. She previously served as a pharmacy technician and an insurance clerk in Business Services before transferring to her current position.

After graduating from West Point High School, she earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Mississippi State University in 1996. “Crystal is always smiling, even on stressful days. Each call that she makes to a patient for follow-up, you can hear the compassion in her voice,” her nomination reads. “She treats each and every person with respect.”

Harville said her favorite part of her job is inspiring her patients, “brightening their day and giving them hope and encouragement.”


Tina Manley, RN

Tina Manley, RN, serves as the hospital’s case management/utilization review nurse. She rejoined the NMMC-West Point staff in 2007, working in the Emergency Department for four years before assuming her current position. She had previously worked at NMMC-West Point from 1997-2004, and then served as a rehabilitation nurse at NMMC-Tupelo for one year. She also has physician office experience and worked in home health.

Manley graduated from Cottage Grove High School in Cottage Grove, Ore., and earned her associate’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus in 1982. She is a Certified Rehabilitation RN.

“The best part of my job is my coworkers and the rest of the staff, from physicians to Food and Nutrition Services,” she said. “Everyone is so friendly and helpful. We all want what is best for our patients.”


Glenda Prather

Glenda Prather, RN, joined the staff of Ivy Memorial Hospital, the predecessor to NMMC-West Point, in 1981 and currently serves as nursing night supervisor. She is a graduate of West Point High School and earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus.

“What I love most about my job is interacting with patients. I like to feel I can make a difference and have a positive influence on their experience with us,” Prather said. “I also feel my job is to primarily support the bedside nurses and make sure they have what they need to do a good job.”


Laquante Sanders

Laquante Sanders, RN, joined the hospital staff in 2004 and works in Same-Day Surgery. A graduate of West Point High School, she completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2004 and earned a master’s degree in health education in 2010. Additionally, she is a Certified Health Education Specialist.

"The best part of my job is spending time with my patients and getting to know each of them on a personal level,” Sanders said. I also have a special bond with my co-workers that allows us to work together as a family.”



Veronica Young

Veronica Young is a CLPN at NMMC-West Point. She graduated from Starkville High School and earned her surgical technology certificate from Hinds Community College in Raymond in 1998.

Young joined the NMMC-West Point staff in 2002 and worked as a surgical tech until 2009, when she transferred to the Emergency Department. In 2011, she earned her certified licensed practical nurse certificate with honors from East Mississippi Community College in Mayhew. She will earn her associate’s degree in liberal arts from EMCC in May. She also holds IV and tuberculosis skin testing certification.

“The best part of my job is being able to help someone, to make my patients know that I care and that our staff cares,” Young says. “To be able to do unto others as I would have them do unto me is something that keeps me grounded. To awake each day is truly a blessing. The gift of it all is that I get to share it with others.”

L.L Quinn Jr.

L.L. Quinn Jr. is a security officer for NMMC-West Point. He worked for Bryan Foods/Sara Lee Corporation for 32 years before joining the hospital staff five years ago. He is a 1975 graduate of West Point High School and completed military primary leadership training in breaching and security.

Quinn holds the rank of Sergeant First Class with the 168th Brigade from Vicksburg. He has served in the National Guard for 33 years and received the Combat Action Badge. He was deployed to Iraq from March 2003-April 2004 and to Afghanistan from February-November 2009.

Coworkers cited Quinn for being friendly and helpful to everyone, and for his caring attitude. He says he enjoys having a job where he can help others. “What I enjoy most is just seeing a happy, smiling face,” he adds.


Eric Norman

Eric Norman is NMMC-West Point's Sleep Laboratory coordinator. He was also selected as the hospital's Employee of the Year for 2011.

Norman graduated from Newton County Academy and received his associate’s degree from East Central Mississippi Community College in 1996. He attended Mississippi State University and earned his associate’s degree in respiratory therapy from Meridian Community College in 1998. He passed the National Board of Respiratory Care examination in November 1999. He joined the NMMC-West Point staff in April 2000 and trained at the Institute of Sleep Medicine in Birmingham that year. He became a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist in December 2003.

“The best part of my job is providing great health care to my community,” he says. “What I love the most about my job is helping others in need.”

Cheryl Lowe

Cheryl Lowe is a medical technologist at NMMC-West Point. Lowe graduated from West Kemper High School in De Kalb and earned a bachelor’s of science degree from Mississippi State University in Starkville. She is certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and joined the NMMC-West Point Laboratory staff in 2005.

Coworkers cited Lowe’s willingness to come early, stay late or be flexible with time off so that the department is properly staffed. They say she is very knowledgeable and performs above and beyond what is required of her. She alerts nurses of critical lab values in a timely manner and is a patient advocate. She produces quality results, and is always smiling, helpful and respects everyone.

Anita Davis, RN

Anita Davis, RN, is a nursing supervisor at NMMC-West Point. She joined the local hospital staff in October 1994, after working for many years with a physician’s office and hospital in Columbus. She is a graduate of R.E. Hunt High School in Columbus. Davis attended Mississippi University for Women in Columbus and earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Itawamba Community College in Fulton. She is also certified in CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Davis’ coworkers say she is very professional, competent and leads by example. She is also willing to listen and has a heart for helping others. Davis says what she loves most is caring for the patients and their families, and making sure that all of their needs are met.

Judy Ashmore

Judy Ashmore is a switchboard operator at NMMC-West Point. She graduated from S.D. Lee High School in Columbus in 1957 and attended Mississippi University for Women. She worked for NMMC-West Point Business Services from May 1996-January 1998, and then owned an accounting business for several years. She rejoined the hospital staff in 2003.

Ashmore says the best part of her job is the opportunity to serve her community. Coworkers say she always goes above and beyond on everything she does. She was praised as a servant leader who continually gives of herself for others. She is a member of Calvary Baptist Church. She is actively involved in the West Point Pilot Club, which she has served in several leadership roles, including president, president-elect and treasurer. She currently serves as governor of the Mississippi District of Pilot International, as well as on the organization’s Board of Directors. She also serves as luminary chairperson for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark is medical staff coordinator and Medicare coder at NMMC-West Point. She joined the NMMC-Tupelo Health Information Services staff in 1990 as a medical coder and transferred to West Point three years later. In 2000, she became director of the department. In 2006, she accepted the job of medical staff coordinator and continues to serve in that capacity.

Clark is a graduate of Meridian High School and Meridian Community College. She earned her credentials as a Registered Health Information Technician in 1989.

Clark is well liked and respected by the medical staff. Coworkers say she is an excellent coder and continually seeks opportunities to learn more about her job. She was cited for being an excellent physician advocate and working diligently on Medicare compliance issues. Clark says it is a pleasure to work in a place where coworkers are like family. She especially enjoys working with the dedicated and caring physicians at NMMC-West Point and says they make her job very rewarding.

Renee Reid

Renee Reid is an administrative assistant at NMMC-West Point.

Reid joined the hospital staff in May 2004. She is a graduate of Oak Hill Academy and completed the Certified Coding Associate program at East Mississippi Community College this May.

Coworkers say that Reid sets a good example for others by paying attention to detail and always giving more than 100 percent in everything she does. She volunteers with fund-raising efforts for various community projects and enjoys learning new skills so that she can help others. Reid says being a part of such a great group of people makes coming to work enjoyable.

Reginald Gardner

Reginald Gardner is an Emergency Medicine Technician with NMMC-West Point’s Ambulance Service.

Gardner graduated from West Point High School. He worked for 12 years for the West Point Fire Department and transferred to NMMC-West Point six years ago when the hospital became responsible for the ambulance service. He is certified as an EMT-Basic and has been trained in CPR, hazardous materials, rope rescue and confined space rescue.

Co-workers say Gardner takes initiative to help others, is knowledgeable about his job and a true asset to NMMC-West Point. Fellow staff members credit Gardner for helping anywhere he’s needed. He is known to assist with patient care in the Emergency Department, fulfill patient requests, transfer patients to their rooms, answer phones, stock supplies in treatment rooms and even mop floors if needed. Gardner says the best part of his job is meeting people and helping others in emergency and non-emergency situations.


Susie Triplett

Susie Triplett serves as material manager at NMMC-West Point, where she has been employed since 1994. Prior to her current position, she worked with medical records and data processing.

Coworkers say Triplett works hard to make certain each department has the supplies needed to carry out its tasks. She works to purchase supplies at the best price possible, thus saving money. And, they say, she always has a smile and is willing to help.

A graduate of West Point High School, Triplett attended Mississippi State University in Starkville. What she loves best about her job is all the people she has worked with over the years.