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The links below include the results of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). The Carnahan Group conducted the research for North Mississippi Health Services in 2013.

The Affordable Care Act requires all not-for-profit hospitals to complete a CHNA once every three years. The assessments conducted in 2013 and 2016 identify the greatest health needs in our communities.

A CHNA is a report based on epidemiological, qualitative and comparative methods that assess the health issues in a hospital organization’s community and that community’s access to services related to those issues. Based on the findings of the CHNA, implementation strategies will be developed to address community health needs.



Direct inquiries about the 2016 CHNA or requests for a paper copy to:

Ormella Cummings, Ph.D.
Chief Strategy Officer
North Mississippi Health Services
830 South Gloster Street
Tupelo, MS 38801


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