Vendor Policies and Procedures

NMHS is restricting access at its facilities in response to COVID-19. All non-essential vendor representation must conduct business via phone, email or web meetings until further notice.

Vendor representatives seeking contact with any North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) hospital or clinic are required to conduct their sales activities within the guidelines established and published herein as well as other Federal or State laws governing vendor representative activities.

Remote access to the NMHS computer system is subject to your continued compliance with NMHS policies and procedures, and the use and availability of appropriate network connections. By accessing System, you consent to NMHS’s monitoring of your access to and use of System. All System access use may be monitored by NMHS for any and all purposes in NMHS’s sole discretion. Your access can be revoked by North Mississippi Health Services, in its sole discretion, at any time, for any reason, and/or for no reason. By remotely connecting to the North Mississippi Health Services computer system, you understand that all actions taken may be recorded and logged by North Mississippi Health Services and that you do not and should not have any expectation of privacy while accessing the NMHS computer system.

Confidentiality and Compliance

COVID-19 Policy

Electronically Recorded Data

Food Brought into Any NMHS Facility

Item Number Requirement for Supplies

Promotion of Pharmaceuticals

Reptrax Registration

Standard Precautions in Surgery

Traffic Pattern in Surgery

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