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General Medicine (3 South)

3 South is a 30-bed General Medicine unit located on the third floor of NMMC-Tupelo.

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Meet the Nurse Manager: Megan Hastings, BSN, RN

Megan HastingsMegan knew she wanted to become a nurse from a young age when she experienced her grandfather’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Megan watched her grandmother care for him for many years and felt called to pursue a career in nursing as she often found herself caring for others. Megan joined the NMHS team in 2007 as a new graduate nurse on 6 South (General Medicine). After a few years, she transferred to the Medical ICU and then transitioned to her role as Nurse Manager for 3 South. When asked why she chose North Mississippi Medical Center, Megan says it was the strong connection she felt to our organization’s mission of continuously improving the health of the people of our region. “I wanted to be part of something great; something bigger. I never liked being average! Taking care of people who are truly our families and friends is more than just a job for me. It’s a commitment,” she said. Megan says one of her favorite parts of being a nurse manager is watching new team members grow throughout the years.

Megan lives in Belmont, Mississippi, with her husband, Matthew, and their four teen-aged children. Megan is a member of Golden Central Baptist Church and enjoys being involved in the church’s Ladies Ministry, camping, traveling and spending time with family.

Oncology (4 Central)

4 Central is a 16-bed Oncology unit located on the fourth floor of NMMC-Tupelo.

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Meet the Nurse Manager: Theresa Jenkins, BSN, RN

Theresa JenkinsTheresa wanted to be a nurse because she has a passion for taking care of others. Theresa joined the NMHS team in 1992 on the Oncology Unit and has spent the past seven years serving as Nurse Manager for this unit. When asked why she chose North Mississippi Medical Center, Theresa said: “NMHS is an outstanding organization with many opportunities for growth. This organization’s mission and vision aligns with my own.”

Theresa and her husband, Michael, have five children and nine grandchildren. Theresa enjoys traveling (most recently to Hawaii!), camping, fishing and listening to music.

COVID Unit (5 Central)

5 Central is a 16-bed unit, previously Stroke, that has now been transitioned to a COVID-19 Stepdown Unit to help NMMC-Tupelo care for patients during the pandemic.

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Meet the Nurse Manager (5 Central): Cera Bates, MSN, RN

Cera BatesCera decided to become a nurse in high school when her father was involved in a car accident and spent weeks in the CCU. Cera was moved by the nurses taking care of him and their family during some of their scariest moments. After this experience, Cera knew she wanted to be able to help people in the same way that these nurses helped her family. Cera joined the NMHS team in 2008, starting her career as a Staff Registered Nurse and transitioning to a Clinical Nurse Educator, then to her current role as Nurse Manager. Cera is proud of the opportunities for growth within our system.

Cera and her husband, Roy, have two children, Addie and Easton. They are expecting their third child very soon. Cera loves spending time with her family and friends and going to church.

COVID Unit (5 West)

5 West is a 28-bed unit, previously Nephrology, that has now been transitioned to a COVID-19 Critical Care Unit to help NMMC-Tupelo care for patients during the pandemic.

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Meet the Nurse Manager (5 West): Angileah Chase, BSN, RN

Angileah ChaseAngileah Chase began her journey as an aspiring nurse when she chose Nursing over Accounting after taking an Anatomy and Physiology class in college. Angileah joined the NMMC family in 2012 as a Staff RN and was promoted to Clinical Nurse Educator a few years later. Now, after almost ten years with the organization, Angileah serves as the Nurse Manager for NMMC-Tupelo’s Nephrology/COVID-19 Unit. Angileah feels fortunate to work on the same team as her husband and sister-in-law who are also nurses at NMMC-Tupelo.

Angileah and her husband have a new baby girl and love spending time on their farm caring for llamas, sheep, chickens, horses and turkeys. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in leadership. 

General Medicine (6 South)

6 South is a 50-bed General Medicine unit located on the sixth floor of NMMC-Tupelo.

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Meet the Nurse Manager: Jamy Henson, MSN, RN

Jamy HensonAs a former medic in the Mississippi National Guard, Jamy Henson quickly learned how one person could make a huge difference in the lives of others. “I wanted to continue to be able to help and be with people in their time of need. I joined North Mississippi Medical Center searching for a workplace that felt like family. From senior leadership to staff positions, I found just that,” Jamy says.

Jamy has been with NMMC for a little over a year and looks forward to continuing his career as Nurse Manager for 6 South. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at home with his family, cooking, grilling, hunting and caring for his farm animals.

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