Published on March 11, 2021

Bobby Abram Beats COVID-19 with Team's Help

Juanita Abram credits God, Dr. Charles Abavare, nurse practitioner Terry Miller and Urgent Care nurse Sherry Pharr with saving her husband's life.

Bobby Abram with West Tupelo TeamBobby Abram, 68, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Dec. 21 at West Tupelo Urgent Care after a coworker tested positive for the virus. At the time Bobby wasn’t experiencing any symptoms, but little more than a week later, he was back at Urgent Care—this time struggling to breathe.

“A few days after the diagnosis, he started feeling bad and lost his sense of taste and smell,” says his wife, Juanita. “He was really fatigued and short of breath.” Bobby usually sees nurse practitioner Terry Miller at West Tupelo Medical Clinic, but that day he saw Dr. Charles Abavare in Urgent Care, who diagnosed him with pneumonia. Dr. Abavare prescribed a nebulizer and medication to help him breathe.

By the next night, Bobby was worse. “I bought a home oxygen monitor, and his oxygen level got down to 80% that night,” Juanita said. “He was so out of it—he didn’t know he was in the world. He was so weak. I even had to spoon-feed him like a baby.” The next morning Juanita brought him back to West Tupelo Medical Clinic. “They did everything possible to take care of Bobby,” she says. “They sent us home with oxygen and ordered Home Health for him.”

As directed, Bobby followed up with Terry two weeks later and also with Dr. Paul Perry, a pulmonologist at Pulmonary Consultants. He was able to return to work on Feb. 8. Juanita credits God, Dr. Abavare, Terry and Urgent Care nurse Sherry Pharr with saving Bobby’s life. “He’d be gone if it weren’t for them,” she says.