Published on April 07, 2021

Connect Your Passion with a Purpose

graphic of hospital staff

Working in a support role allows you to learn about the DNA of health care from a different perspective.

Recruiting for support roles can be challenging, but very rewarding. These types of jobs do more than help you provide for your family. They are teeming with opportunities to learn, grow and connect.

Many times, people who work in support roles work "behind the scenes.” They make workflows and processes happen that others may never know about. Working in a support role allows you to learn about the DNA of health care from a different perspective.

While these roles do not provide direct patient care, they help our organization run smoothly. These roles help us fulfill our mission and vision by supporting patient care. From cooking to cleaning, delivering supplies, inputting patient information, scheduling appointments, transporting patients, keeping people safe and even taking care of employees’ children, these people are truly the backbone of health care. Without their commitment to excellence, our patients likely wouldn’t receive the high-quality care that they do.

As a recruiter, I’ve seen individuals join this organization in a position such as an Environmental Services Technician and quickly evolve into a Team Lead and even an Operational Manager. I’ve seen individuals grow and mature as they form connections with their coworkers and our patients and families. I have witnessed the moment in which someone realizes how important he or she is to our health care organization and our communities.

Many people say they want to pursue a career in health care because they are passionate about helping people and making a difference. Beginning your health care journey in a support role is a great way to connect your passion with a purpose.

To learn more about available jobs in the following departments, please contact Tawanda Johnson, professional recruiter, at or click here.

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Environmental Services
  • Business Services
  • Child Care
  • Supply Processing Distribution
  • Ambassador Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Wellness Center