Published on February 16, 2021

Keeping You Safe and Well

Keeping You SafeWoman with wipes

2020 is a year many would like to forget. Obviously, there were many tough days. There were losses that we would rather forget, and on the surface, we seem to have to few bright spots of which to speak. However, no matter how gray the cloud looks, there is usually a silver lining. Today’s bitter cold will reduce the insect burden in the summer. The forest fires of the West open seed pods on the forest floor, allowing the next generation of giants to sprout forth.

Nurse Cleaning
While we have always known the importance of cleanliness in hospitals, and specifically in the Emergency Department where I work, this pandemic has sharpened our focus on ways to keep you safe from diseases that other patients might bring with them. While we can do a lot to control the spread of disease from patients, it is more challenging to do among visitors. So, we made the difficult choice to adjust our visitation policy.

Nurse Playing

In addition, we have redoubled our efforts on hand hygiene. The pandemic made everyone realize how easily disease can spread. Use of gloves and masks have become so routine that it has at times placed a strain on suppliers to keep up with the demand—but they have kept up, no matter what.

While our Environmental Services crews have always been top notch, 2020 brought an even more intense focus on the vital work they do. Not only do they help keep our patients and visitors safe, but their diligence also keeps us as health care providers safe. Too often, they go unsung.


Thanks to the pandemic, they are no longer forgotten members of the team but a vital part of our safety mission. They have employed new tools and techniques to ensure that no one has to worry about coming in contact with bacteria or viruses when seeking care.

We have always been concerned with your health and wellness, but the pandemic has helped us refocus on how we can provide safer care to all our patients.

Nurse Wheel Chair

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and health. As your health care team, we are resolved to keep you safe and give you the best care we can. I know many are still concerned about getting sick when they go for medical help. We recognize your concern and are doing everything possible to ensure that you are as safe here as you would be in your own home.