Published on October 18, 2021

Looking Back & Ahead: Let's Do This!

health care workers wearing scrubs

A warrior is defined as a brave and experienced soldier or fighter; someone who is actively involved in combatting a challenging situation or circumstance; someone who cares for the good of others. Warriors take the lead and charge forward – they fight with heart.

There are a set of common traits that true warriors share, and I’ve seen our team embody these traits time and again over the past year and a half:

  • Warriors are tough. They take the pain, challenges and adversities they face and channel them into a force that helps them overcome – much like our team has done with COVID-19.
  • They stand strong in their values. Our team continues to live our CARES Values and demonstrate their meaning and importance in all interactions.
  • They’re adaptable. Although circumstances have changed time and again, our team has risen to the occasion with grace and dignity each time.
  • They’re courageous. Warriors will face the biggest storm, dragon or pandemic and place their love for others over their own fears every time.
  • They stay hungry for growth. Warriors are always seeking to grow, change and learn. Our team is not scared of new experiences; rather, our team embraces change and uses it to our advantage as together, we pursue our mission and vision in all that we do.

Our system has truly banded together like the warriors we are during the past year and a half and we continue to fight with heart day in and day out. As we begin our journey into the new fiscal year, I want to share with you some of what this team has accomplished during the past year despite great adversity:

  • Our system recruited and welcomed 26 new physicians
  • We started our new Internal Medicine Residency Program with our targeted number of 12 residents in the inaugural class
  • We increased the number of active “MyConnection Users” to over 71,600, which represents tremendous growth in the number of patients and caregivers using the Epic portal to engage with our healthcare system
  • In FY21, virtual visits, or telehealth visits, averaged about 5,000 per month and we expect to have a total of over 61,000 visits by the end of FY21
  • Our payor partnerships with Aetna and United Healthcare brought about new Medicare Advantage plan options to our market with both plans experiencing greater than expected enrollment
  • We expanded our 340b program and specialty pharmacy within Tupelo and into some of our community hospitals, which led to over $6M in revenue growth in FY21
  • We completed a successful bond issuance in the 2021, which provided approximately $200 million in capital resources to support our future growth plans
  • In August, we opened a brand-new Children’s Clinic in an up and coming area in Tupelo
  • We celebrated all seven of our hospitals achieving Premier’s Quest Hero Award

It goes without saying that our experience through COVID has not only shone light on our warrior hearts but has demonstrated the tremendous value of systemness. Despite all that we’ve been facing, we stay hungry for growth, continue to put our best foot forward as a system and accomplish incredible things.

I am so grateful that together, we continue to choose NMHS, our CARES values, the people of our region and each other. We truly are in this together! I thank you for your ongoing dedication and support of our healthcare system as we seek “to continuously improve the health of the people of our region.”

As we say farewell to last fiscal year, we look forward to October marking the beginning of our new fiscal year 2022… Let’s do this!

NMHS accomplished much in 2021 in the face of great adversity. Let's reflect on 2021 and the new fiscal year that started Oct. 1.