Published on February 08, 2021

Social Determinants of Health


Our mission is to continuously improve the health of the people of our region. This means North Mississippi Health Services is always evaluating how we can help the communities we serve.

Our goal is that in every stage of life, our patients and families can expect to receive the best service and outcome possible, regardless of their social or economic status. Where we are born, live and work and our age impact a wide range of health risks and outcomes.

Over time we have learned the actual delivery of healthcare only impacts about 25% of an individual’s overall health. Social and economic factors as well as an individual’s behaviors impact the other 75% of an individual’s overall health.

Therefore, we are implementing a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) community goal, i.e., to reduce preventable disease, illness and injury through improvements in social and behavioral factors that adversely affect the health of the people of the region. To accomplish this, we will offer all employees various opportunities to engage in their own community to help improve the health of people throughout their community.

Additionally, we are recruiting community partners in our 24-county service area because they provide services and support that we cannot or do not provide within our system.

Our goals are to increase access to preventive service; develop a nutritionally aware community culture; increase physical activity and promote exercise as medicine; and develop partnerships with public entities.

Our efforts, current partners and health resources are available at and