Published on September 01, 2022

'Take that Time for Yourself'

female running

Terri GreenFor Terri Green, nurse manager of NMMC-Tupelo’s Bariatric Unit, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a priority – it’s a necessity.

If you’ve ever driven past the Tupelo hospital around lunchtime, you might’ve seen Terri running along the sidewalks and streets close by. She takes 30 minutes each day to unplug and escape by running to help refresh her mind, body and spirit for herself and for others.

“Every day, I run. I use my lunch time to go out and disconnect for a few minutes,” Terri says. “It gives me a release and helps me physically and emotionally so I can be better.”

Terri fell in love with running after she did couch to 5k training in her early 30s and has since participated in several half marathons and 5ks. While she hasn’t been a runner her whole life, Terri is an advocate for running and outdoor exercises. She says she has always tried to be mindful and pursue a healthy lifestyle, and her experience working in bariatrics has heightened her awareness of the importance of exercise, a proper diet and nutrition.

Terri Green running“You’d be surprised at how much you can benefit from 30 minutes of exercise per day coupled with a healthy, balanced diet,” Terri says. “It doesn’t have to be for weight loss or to be a marathon runner! There are many mental health benefits from exercising because you get that time to relax and be with yourself.”

Terri says her teammates motivate one another to live healthy lifestyles by eating better, getting together to walk after work or even walking up and down the long hospital hallways during breaks.

“I know they walk these halls a lot, but it’s different when they’re intentionally taking time for themselves to do something that can make them feel better,” Terri says.

She also encourages her husband and children to get moving outdoors.

“I think helping people understand the importance of preventive care from a young age is so important,” Terri says. “I try to involve my husband and children in my daily workouts if I can, or we go to the gym, walk or spend time together outside.”

Terri Green's family snorkleingWhen asked what advice she might give to someone in an exercise slump, Terri says, “You can always do it!” She believes encouragement, positive reinforcement and everything in moderation helps people stay motivated to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

“Take that time for yourself. Exercise improves health, builds resilience and helps you mentally, physically and emotionally,” Terri says. “You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.”

"You can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself," says Terri Green, RN.