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Medical Specialties

1 Provider Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
2 Providers Addiction Medicine
4 Providers Adult Nurse Practitioner
4 Providers Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
2 Providers Allergy and Immunology
16 Providers Cardiology
11 Providers Cardiovascular Surgery
3 Providers Electrophysiology
9 Providers Endocrinology
131 Providers Family Medicine
93 Providers Family Nurse Practitioner
15 Providers Gastroenterology
2 Providers General Practice
9 Providers General Surgery
4 Providers Gynecologic Oncology
13 Providers Hematology and Oncology
1 Provider Hospice & Palliative Medicine
38 Providers Hospitalist
3 Providers Hyperbaric and Wound Care
4 Providers Infectious Disease Hospitalists
4 Providers Infectious Disease
31 Providers Internal Medicine
1 Provider Maternal Fetal Medicine
8 Providers Neonatology
8 Providers Nephrology
4 Providers Neurological Surgery
6 Providers Neurology Hospitalist
9 Providers Neurology
3 Providers Obstetrical Hospitalist
31 Providers Obstetrics and Gynecology
1 Provider Occupational Medicine
2 Providers Ophthalmology
4 Providers Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
13 Providers Orthopaedic Surgery
2 Providers Orthopaedic Trauma
6 Providers Otolaryngology
2 Providers Pain Medicine
2 Providers Palliative Medicine
3 Providers Pediatric Cardiology
2 Providers Pediatric Intensivist
32 Providers Pediatrics
5 Providers Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
4 Providers Physician Assistant
2 Providers Plastic Surgery
1 Provider Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
6 Providers Psychiatry
17 Providers Pulmonary Medicine
3 Providers Radiation Oncology
17 Providers Radiology
2 Providers Retina Surgery & Diseases
6 Providers Rheumatology
6 Providers Sleep Medicine
10 Providers Urology
2 Providers Vascular Surgery
3 Providers Weight Loss Surgery
1 Provider Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner


1 Provider Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, LLC
1 Provider Access Family Health Services, Inc. (Tupelo)
1 Provider Access Family Health Services, Inc. - Houlka
1 Provider Access Family Health Services, Inc. - Smithville
3 Providers Amory Cardiology Clinic
1 Provider Amory Childrens Clinic
3 Providers Amory Medical Clinic
3 Providers Amory Specialty Clinic
1 Provider Avalon Medical Clinic
3 Providers Baldwyn Medical Clinic
1 Provider Baldwyn Nursing Facility
4 Providers Bariatric Clinic
6 Providers Barnes Crossing Medical Clinic & Urgent Care
1 Provider Behavioral Health Clinic
5 Providers Belmont Family Medical Clinic
10 Providers Booneville Medical Clinic and Urgent Care
1 Provider Calhoun County Medical Clinic
12 Providers Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi, P.A.
15 Providers Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery Clinic (Tupelo)
1 Provider Caretime Medical Clinic, LLC
1 Provider Chest Pain Center
3 Providers Chickasaw Medical Clinic
9 Providers Childrens Clinic Tupelo
3 Providers Childrens of Mississippi - UMMC
7 Providers Childrens of Mississippi Neonatology
1 Provider Clifton C. Cartwright MD
2 Providers Creekmore Clinic, PLLC
6 Providers Diabetes Treatment Center
14 Providers Digestive Health Specialists
6 Providers Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians of North MS, P.A. (Tupelo)
1 Provider Ecru Medical Clinic
1 Provider Elite Medical, PLLC
2 Providers Endocrinology Consultants, PLLC
6 Providers Eupora Family Medical Clinic
3 Providers Eupora Pediatric Clinic
7 Providers Family Medicine Residency Center
1 Provider Flavia H. West, M.D. (Clinic)
7 Providers Fulton Medical Clinic
4 Providers Garfield Clinic
1 Provider Golden Triangle Urgent Care, LLC (Saltillo)
1 Provider Golden Triangle Urgent Care, LLC (West Point)
1 Provider Hamilton Medical Clinic
1 Provider Hamilton Medical Clinic
7 Providers Hamilton Primary Care Center
1 Provider Horn Medical Clinic
2 Providers Hospitalist Services
10 Providers IMA-Tupelo
1 Provider Inpatient Palliative Care
5 Providers Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic of New Albany, PLLC
1 Provider Internal Medicine Residency Clinic
1 Provider Iuka Family Clinic
10 Providers Iuka Medical Clinic
2 Providers Ivancic Pediatric Clinic, PA
1 Provider Iwueke Psychiatric Clinic
1 Provider Jones Family Medical Clinic, PLLC
1 Provider Julian A. Brown, Jr., MD
1 Provider Kilmichael Family Medical Clinic
3 Providers Maben Medical Clinic
1 Provider Maternal Fetal Medicine
5 Providers Med Serve
11 Providers Medical Center Hospitalists
1 Provider Midnight-Medical, Inc.
3 Providers MSU Student Health Center
2 Providers Nephrology & Hypertension Associates, Ltd. (Oxford)
6 Providers Nephrology & Hypertension Associates, Ltd. (Tupelo)
9 Providers Neurology Consultants of North Mississippi
3 Providers New Albany Medical Clinic
1 Provider NMMC Acute Care Trauma
1 Provider NMMC Breast and General Surgery Clinic
1 Provider NMMC Breast and General Surgery Clinic
1 Provider NMMC General Surgery-Hamilton
4 Providers NMMC Orthopaedic Trauma Clinic
3 Providers NMMC Radiation Oncology
2 Providers NMMC Rehabilitation Institute
6 Providers NMMC Womens Hospital
4 Providers NMMC Wound Center & Hyperbarics
5 Providers NMMC-Behavioral Health Center
5 Providers NMMC-Behavioral Health Center
1 Provider Norris V. Crump, M.D.
2 Providers North Mississippi Allergy and Asthma Center, PLLC (Tupelo)
3 Providers North Mississippi Electrophysiology, LLC (Gloster Creek)
1 Provider North Mississippi Endocrine Center, PLLC
1 Provider North Mississippi Medical Center Gilmore-Amory
11 Providers North Mississippi Medical Center Hematology Oncology-Starkville
17 Providers North Mississippi Medical Center Hematology Oncology-Tupelo
7 Providers North Mississippi Medical Center Specialty Clinic
40 Providers North Mississippi Medical Center-Tupelo
9 Providers North Mississippi Neurosurgical Services
6 Providers North Mississippi Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
6 Providers North Mississippi Regional Pain Consultants
2 Providers North Mississippi Retina Center
2 Providers North Mississippi Surgery Clinic - Aberdeen
2 Providers North Mississippi Surgery Clinic - West Point
2 Providers North Mississippi Urology
1 Provider North MS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, P.A. (Corinth)
3 Providers North MS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates,P.A.(Tupelo)
6 Providers Obstetrics-Gynecology Associates, P.A.
2 Providers Okolona Medical Clinic
10 Providers Orthopaedic Institute of North Mississippi, PLLC
1 Provider Ouch Urgent Care, Inc.
2 Providers Oxford Medical Clinic
9 Providers Physicians and Surgeons Clinic - OB/GYN (Amory)
1 Provider Plantersville Family Clinic, Inc.
5 Providers Pontotoc Medical Clinic
17 Providers Premier Radiology, P.A.
1 Provider Primary Care Clinic of Pontotoc
3 Providers Primary Care Clinic of Ripley, P.A.
18 Providers Pulmonary Consultants
6 Providers Rheumatology Consultants
2 Providers Saltillo Medical Clinic
9 Providers Sanders Clinic for Women, P.A.
1 Provider Sanders Clinic for Women
2 Providers South Madison Medical Clinic
6 Providers Starkville Clinic for Women, P.A.
2 Providers Starkville Family Practice, P.A.
1 Provider Starkville Medical Clinic
4 Providers Surgery Associates, P.A.
2 Providers Surgery Clinic of Tupelo, P.A.
2 Providers The Family Clinic
3 Providers The Segars Clinic
6 Providers The Womens Group-West Point
2 Providers Tupelo Bone & Joint Clinic
2 Providers Tupelo Eye Center
4 Providers Tupelo Medical Group, LLC
1 Provider Tupelo Plastic Surgery Clinic, P.A.
10 Providers Urologic
3 Providers Vein Center
2 Providers Verona Medical Clinic
1 Provider Wells Medical Clinic, Inc.
5 Providers West Point Childrens Clinic
6 Providers West Point Medical Clinic & Urgent Care
4 Providers West Point Primary Care
8 Providers West Tupelo Medical Clinic & Urgent Care
4 Providers Work Link Clinic