West Point Therapeutic Day Spa

North Mississippi Medical Center-West Point Therapeutic Day Spa offers all services by appointment only.

For massage appointments, call Becky Brabham at (662) 295-0883. 
For manicure/pedicure appointments, call Valerie Acker at (662) 295-0328.

Any spa service includes one day free membership at the Wellness Center.

Spa parties are available. Call for details.


Treatments you select are especially reserved for you. A 24-hour cancellation notice is appreciated.

Child Care

As a courtesy to other clients, the Therapeutic Day Spa is an adult area only except when the child is a client. Child care is available during specified times for a nominal fee. Reservations and immunization records are required.

Design Your Own Package

Combine any three services and receive a 10% discount.

Please note: all rates are subject to change.


The full- or half-body massage is designed to reduce injury, alleviate inflammation and maintain muscles in their best state of relaxation and flexibility.

Member - $55/hour or $35/half-hour
Non-member - $60/hour or $40/half-hour

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
A combination of Swedish techniques to affect the deeper layer of muscle. Relieves chronic pain and soreness, and releases pain associated with stress. Various types of stretching are involved.

Member - $65/hour or $40/half-hour
Non-member - $70/hour or $45/half-hour

Hot Stone Massage
Experience a relaxing massage with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished lava stones are heated and incorporated into the massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and release tension.

Member - $80/hour
Non-member - $85/hour

Body Treatment

Sugar Scrub One Hour
Gentle and deep cleansing, this treatment eliminates dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities and sebum accumulations. It leaves the skin’s roughest areas soft and smooth. Includes a 25-minute massage treatment.

Member - $55
Non-member - $60

Algae Mud Wrap (75 minutes)
Gentle deep cleansing body scrub to eliminate dead skin cells, followed by an application of sea algae mud which pulls out impurities and toxins in the body.

Member - $80
Non-member - $85

Hand & Foot Paraffin (30 minutes)
Hands and feet are dipped in warm paraffin and covered with gloves/booties and warmers, followed by a hand and foot massage.

Member - $35
Non-member - $40


A beautiful array of OPI nail polishes are used along with OPI nail treatments.

Manicure (45 minutes)
Manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle reduction, hand treatment, therapeutic hand and arm massage, and polish application.

Member - $20 
Non-member - $25

Child’s Manicure (30 minutes)
For ages 12 and under

Member - $10
Non-member - $12

Gel Nail Color
OPI and CND gel nail color wears durable, shines for weeks and cures in minutes. Includes nail preparation, gel color application and hand massage.

Member - $25
Non-member - $30

Sports Manicure (30 minutes)
Includes all manicure services, except for polish application.

Member - $15
Non-member - $17

Polish Change

Member - $8
Non-member - $10

Nail Art

Member - $10
Non-member - $15


A beautiful array of OPI nail polishes are used along with OPI nail treatments.

Spa Pedicure (75 minutes)
Spa pedicure begins with a relaxing soak for the feet, exfoliation and smoothing of dry, callused skin. Afterward, indulge in a therapeutic foot massage, followed by nail shaping and polish application.

Member - $36
Non-member - $40

Gel Colors

Member - $45 
Non-member - $50

Child’s Pedicure (45 minutes)
For ages 12 and under

Member - $20
Non-member - $25

Sports Pedicure (45 minutes)

Member - $36
Non-member - $40

Polish Change

Member - $10 
Non-member - $13