NMMCI Credentialing and Enrollment

The NMHS CVO manages the payer application process for North Mississippi Medical Clinics, Inc. providers. This includes governmental payers, commercial payers and delegated agreements through Health Link.

Health Link has obtained delegated credentialing agreements from several additional contracted commercial and governmental payers. Because of Health Link's delegated status, members complete one paperless credentialing application versus one application for each payer. At the conclusion of the credentialing process, the provider is awarded the Health Link effective date for all Health Link contracted payers. Delegation saves significant administrative time and cost, allows for provider applications to be expedited through the verification and enrollment process and ultimately ensures timely reimbursement for members.


NMMCI providers will complete one re-credentialing application for all contracted payers. The NMHS CVO has streamlined the re-credentialing process by prepopulating each application, which significantly reduces the number of questions and forms each provider is required to complete.

Medicare Enrollment and Revalidation

NMHS CVO will accurately complete Medicare enrollment and revalidation applications. This includes Part A (facility) and Part B (provider) forms. The CVO staff monitors and manages any feedback from Medicare ensuring timely enrollment for providers.

Mississippi Medicaid Enrollment

In 2018, Mississippi Medicaid expanded to a total of three managed care organization (Molina, Magnolia Health Plan, and the United Healthcare Community Plan). To see Medicaid patients in Mississippi, providers are required to enroll into each managed care organization. The CVO completes the required enrollment forms and has delegated credentialing agreements in place with each of the three managed care organizations. Contact the NMHS CVO credentialing team at www.healthlinkppo.com or 800-453-7536 for more information.

Health Link Contact Information

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