Member Duties 

What are the obligations expected of providers after they join Connected Care Partners?

First, Connected Care Partners is provider-led and governed. Not all participating providers will desire or be expected to serve on the Board of Directors or in various committees. However, the providers who participate will be able to ensure the network operates in the best interests of patients.

Second, as a CIN, providers will have access to patient information that will help improve the quality of a patient’s care across all specialties and facilities. In the future, certain payer contracts entered into by Connected Care Partners will have metrics that require providers to use evidence-based protocols to achieve the goals. Patients who are seen by providers in the network will more likely achieve the network goals, and this could potentially change provider referral patterns. Connected Care Partners providers will share the same values as the referring provider and will be aligned by the same incentives around quality and costs.Over time, the benefits of referring to providers with whom you are clinically integrated will be obvious and in the best interest of patient care.

How will Connected Care Partners change the way I practice medicine?

Over time, all Connected Care Partners members will be part of a deployment of a web-based disease management registry or Clinical Performance Management System (CPMS) that will give you access to data about your patient population. You will be asked to use evidence-based protocols endorsed by your colleagues within Connected Care Partners for certain
common diseases when possible and review your patients’ data as part of your practice pattern to ensure that your patients are receiving all of the care needed for their conditions.

NMHS and Connected Care Partners believe that health care in the future will require much more teamwork and interdependent activities.

Do I have to stop my privileges at any non-NMHS hospital?

No, Connected Care Partners does not require exclusive privileges at only NMHS hospitals.

However, not all non-NMHS hospitals will be in CCP.

What medical record data will I be required to share with Connected Care Partners?

Connected Care Partners participants will be required to contribute some patient information to the patient registry or Clinical Performance Management System. Some data, such as
diagnoses and laboratory information, will come from other electronic systems including claims systems.

Is there a penalty for not achieving the goals?

The goal is to help all providers improve the gaps in care and/or achieve the efficiencies that will lead to lower costs of care. However, if participating providers are not actively engaged or are not adopting the policies and procedures established by Connected Care Partners to achieve the performance metrics, the Professional Standards and Credentialing
Committee may require a corrective action plan or assess sanctions. Ultimately, the provider could be asked to leave Connected Care Partners by the provider-led Board if other efforts to correct the deficiencies fail.

We Want to Hear From You

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