Telehealth Referrals

Telehealth is an exciting new technology adopted by North Mississippi Medical Center to better serve our patients, especially those in rural areas. Telehealth makes it possible for patients to see specialty providers in their own community, which saves the patient time, travel and child care expenses.

For initial referrals, call the specialty clinic or fill out a referral form. Details are listed by specialty below.

To schedule follow-up appointments, please call Nurse Link at (662) 377-3007 or 1-800-882-6274.

How to Refer


Complete the Behavioral Health New Patient Referral and fax to (662) 377-7035.

Diabetes Care

Complete the Diabetes Treatment Center Self Management Training Referral and fax to (662) 377-2069.

Sleep Medicine

Complete the Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine New Patient Referral and fax to (662) 377-7155.

Pain Management

Call North Mississippi Regional Pain Consultants at (662) 377-5199 to refer.


Call Neurology Consultants of North Mississippi at (662) 377-3008 to refer.

Infectious Disease

Call Garfield Clinic at (662) 377-5395 to refer.


Call the Fragility Fracture Clinic at (662) 377-5265 to refer.

Genetic Counseling

Call Cancer Care at (662) 377- 5199 to refer.


Call IMA-Tupelo at (662) 377-5930 to refer.

Weight Loss Surgery

Call the NMMC Bariatric Clinic (662) 377-7546 to refer.

Health Insurance Coverage

In almost every case, health insurance coverage includes telehealth. Telehealth care charges apply to insurance and co-pay and deductible just like any other medical service. North Mississippi Health Services is part of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Telemedicine Network.

Telehealth Locations Map

Click here for a list of our telehealth location addresses.