Breast Care Center

The North Mississippi Medical Center Breast Care Center connects you with diagnostic expertise, national accreditations, top rankings and the latest treatments available. The Breast Care Center helps doctors detect breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages. Our team consists of a board-certified breast radiologist, breast health nurses, certified mammography technologists and support staff dedicated to breast health.

Our breast health navigator serves as an advocate and resource, and our multidisciplinary breast health care team (surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and pathologists) meets weekly to design comprehensive, individualized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient.

breast cancer survivors holding hands

Advanced Technology

The NMMC Breast Care Center is equipped with advanced technology for accurate diagnosis and offers fully digital mammography units, including 3D mammography.

In addition, we offer computer-aided detection (CAD). This system provides a second review of screening mammograms for areas that may be of concern.

Make an Appointment

Schedule a mammogram or call Central Scheduling at (662) 377-6655 or 1-866-912-1486.