Patient Stories

Read these inspiring stories of local people who chose the comprehensive cancer services at North Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Care.

Maridith Geuder and her twin sister on a subway on vacation

Maridith Geuder

Maridith Geuder is now busy filling her calendar with work and travel. Her team at NMMC Cancer Care worked together to provide the most cutting-edge, personalized treatment available - to get her back to doing what she loves.

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David and Lisa Silas

At North Mississippi Medical Center Cancer Care, we connect our community to a highly-skilled team and advanced treatment options.

David and Lisa Silas of Saltillo have experienced the importance of the connected care provided by NMMC.

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David and Lisa Silas with Dr. Tan
Holly Whitworth in front of her bakery window, holding a plate of pink breast cancer awareness cookies she plans to donate.

Holly Whitworth

“That was a whirlwind time, and I told my doctor I didn’t have time for breast cancer right then,” Holly says.

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Avis Porter

“The Lord has blessed me a lot. When I was diagnosed, I was told I had about 18 months to live, but I told my doctor he didn’t know what a fighter I am.”

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Avis Porter and Doctor Warren

Connie Kelly hugs her husband with tears in her eyes after ringing a bell signifying the end of her chemotherapy treatments.

Connie Kelly

In June 2018, Connie turned 40 years old and had her first routine mammogram, which was normal. In September, she was doing her monthly self-exam and found a lump. She called her provider the next day and was seen in the clinic by a nurse practitioner, who sent her directly to the NMMC Breast Care Center for repeat scans.

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Eileen Bailey

“I honestly believe the team that did my surgery and treatment saved my life,” she says. “You have these medical professionals and they are truly in your corner. They tell you they’ll do all they can, and you can feel confident that they are telling you the truth. I’m so glad I chose to stay in Tupelo for my treatment because these are people that I know and that care about me. Why would I choose to go somewhere else to someone who doesn’t know me?”

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Eileen Bailey in a pink sweater smiling after a walk on the NMMC Wellness Center track.

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