Corporate Health Program

The Corporate Health Program for NMHS-employed physicians at IMA-Tupelo, 845 S. Madison St., gives you the information to personally manage your health to meet your goals for the future. The program begins with an outpatient, personal health evaluation that reflects risk factors including medical, social, work, personal and family history.

A thorough physical examination by a managing physician follows. Careful organization allows the examination and extensive testing to be completed in approximately two hours. During this time, the physician will identify health problems and offer solutions to reduce or remove risks to your health.

Ample time is allocated for discussion of symptoms and medical history, as well as details of examination findings and physician recommendations. In addition to a verbal summary, you will receive a written report, including complete test results.

The Corporate Health Program puts the responsibility for good health in your hands. We will furnish you with educational and motivational tools to help you accomplish the goals you set for yourself in areas such as nutrition, fitness, stress reduction and healthy living habits.

If you need assistance in selecting a physician, the Corporate Health Program coordinator is available to assist you. She can also provide pricing information for the various exams.

The type of comprehensive examination that you choose will determine which of the following will be included in your examination.

Medical History Questionnaire/Physical Examination
This provides the basis for all other testing. As much time as needed is taken to gain a thorough understanding of all past medical problems and susceptibilities based on family, social and work history. You may wish to bring information regarding medications you are currently taking, dosages, and any recent or relevant medical records. You are encouraged to use this time to raise any and all health questions and concerns you may have.

Laboratory Studies: Comprehensive screening tests, including a complete blood count, cholesterol and lipid profile, urinalysis, blood chemistries, and prostate specific antigen (PSA) for men over 50, are included. The purpose of the tests is to detect problems such as anemia, diabetes, gout, liver disease and kidney disorders. The cholesterol and lipid profile reveals risk for atherosclerosis, which can cause heart disease, stroke or poor circulation. The PSA is a marker for prostate cancer.

Resting Electrocardiogram (EKG): This records the electrical activity of your heart. Abnormalities in the EKG may signify a number of potentially serious heart problems, which can be treated.

Treadmill Stress Test: Recommended for individuals over 40 or with multiple risk factors predisposing them to coronary artery disease. This test can also reveal early signs of hypertension and abnormal heart rhythms. It is also recommended for individuals of any age wishing to begin an exercise program. This test may be replaced with a calcium score test at your physician's discretion.

Nutrition Consultation: Nutrition is a key component of the total health plan in both preventing and treating diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. A private consultation with a registered dietitian is offered to discuss, assess and make tailored recommendations to meet your nutritional goals.

Nutrition Analysis: A clinical dietitian will perform a nutritional evaluation of a three-day food record. This aids in calculating nutritional goals personalized for your needs and characteristics, assists in creating weight-gain or weight-loss plans and is used to evaluate diet deficiencies or excesses.

Visual Acuity: Vision screening.

Audiogram: The evaluation of hearing in all ranges to assess deficiencies.
Chest X-ray: Determines your heart size and screens for lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases.

Stool FIT Test: To detect gastrointestinal bleeding from tumors, polyps, ulcers and other causes.

Colonoscopy: An examination preformed to diagnose cancer, polyps and other abnormalities of the colon and rectum. Typically recommended beginning at age 50. A referral will be made and insurance filed.

Pap Smear for Women: To detect cervical cancer.

Mammogram for Women: To detect early breast cancer. All mammograms are performed at the NMMC Breast Care Center.

Immunization Update: Review and update of immunization status to include Tetanus/Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Influenza, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, Hepatitis A and B, Chickenpox (Varicella). This will be filed to insurance when applicable. 

If any condition is found during your corporate health exam, you should return to your physician for a medical follow up or we will be happy to arrange for you to see one of our physicians. Additional diagnostic tests can be arranged the same day of your visit if deemed medically necessary. These additional services will be billed to your insurance.

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