Dorothy Thompson

Lisa Hawkins and her mother, Dorothy Thompson, hug and smile lovingly at each other in a blue living room. Mrs. Thompson is gently holding on to a walker. Lisa Hawkins of Tupelo describes her mother, Dorothy Thompson, as “the original Steel Magnolia.” Their Southern grace and uncommon fortitude were put to the test recently when her mother fell and broke her hip. The fall led to an ambulance dispatch, an ER visit, hospitalization and surgery at North Mississippi Medical Center. Hawkins, a former nurse and owner of Room to Room Furniture, is familiar with patient care and customer service. “I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care we received from every area of NMMC. The ambulance crew was so very caring and compassionate and even had someone come by to check on us. Dr. Chambers, our ER physician, was outstanding along with the nurses and support staff. Norris Blanchard, who has been with NMMC for almost 40 years with the surgery team transported us to surgery, where Dr. Stephen Southworth, orthopedic surgeon, repaired her fractured hip successfully. Our nurses and staff on 4 West could not be more attentive,” she said of her mother’s recent hospitalization.

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