Joint Replacement Team

Multidisciplinary teams work together to give you excellent care from preadmission through rehabilitation at North Mississippi Medical Center's Joint Replacement Center.

Orthopedic surgeon: Performs your surgery and coordinates all aspects of care.

Primary care physician: This is a family practice doctor or nurse practitioner who assesses your general health and orders any diagnostic tests that are medically necessary prior to surgery.

Your coach: Your coach is a spouse, family member or friend that you designate to help you through your recovery. Your coach’s role is to provide you support and encouragement.

Anesthesiologist: The anesthesiologist and his staff review your medical history, assess your current medications and administer sedation during surgery.

Clinical director: Coordinates and monitors team efforts to achieve positive outcomes while collaborating with physicians, nursing services, physical therapists, occupational therapists, surgery staff and food services to deliver high quality care.

Nursing staff: Professional staff consists of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants and unit coordinators.

Physical therapists: Provide lectures and demonstrate exercises in all levels of care before and after surgery on an individual basis and in a group setting.

Occupational therapists: Provide instructions to help patients achieve independence with every day activities such as dressing, bathing and putting on shoes.

Discharge Planner: Assesses the discharge needs of the patient prior to their hospitalization by identifying their needs post-surgery, such as equipment like wheelchairs and walkers, and coordinates with pharmacy and insurance providers for medication needs. For example, if you live alone, the case manager might discuss where your care will continue.

Hospital chaplain: Available for counseling, regardless of religious affiliation, to the patients and/or their families.

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