Carol Page

Carol Page in therapyCarol Page of Fulton first heard about Lee Silverman Voice Treatments from a friend who benefited from the therapy. LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™ are clinically-proven methods for improving communication and movement in individuals like her with Parkinson’s disease. She discussed it with her doctor, who referred her to NMMC’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Longtown Medical Park. “It has benefited me tremendously,” says Carol, who started therapy in November 2019.

LSVT LOUD therapy, performed by speech therapist Alicia Crosswhite, focuses on improving vocal loudness. Carol’s goal is to “talk loud enough for people to understand what I am saying and not to run out of breath.” She is also noticing that her improved posture boosts volume. “I can tell a difference,” she says. “At church I couldn’t sing or talk loud enough to make my voice heard. One helps the other.”

Performed by physical therapist assistant Lynn Clayton, LSVT BIG teaches Carol to walk faster with bigger steps, better balance and increased trunk rotation. They work on movements she needs for everyday activities, like stairclimbing, getting into and out of bed, and hanging up clothes. “Now my feet don’t freeze to the floor. My walking, my balance and my gait have all improved,” Carol says. “I can also tell a difference in my stamina. I’ve been able to leave my walker behind and go a distance without it.”

Carol uses home exercise videos between therapy sessions. “Exercise is like medication for Parkinson’s disease,” she says. “It makes your brain work better and makes all your activities better.” 

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