Dorothy Wilson

Dorothy Wilson in LSVT therapyWhen Dorothy Wilson of Houston was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2019, she and her daughter did some online research and learned about Lee Silverman Voice Treatments. LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™ are clinically-proven methods for improving communication and movement in people with Parkinson’s disease and other conditions. She discussed it with her doctor, who referred her to NMMC’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Longtown Medical Park in January.

“I just couldn’t talk but for a few minutes at a time,” Dorothy says. “I’d lose my breath and my voice.” LSVT LOUD therapy, performed by speech therapist Alicia Crosswhite, has helped tremendously with her volume and the breathlessness.

Physical therapist Emily Davis teaches Dorothy to walk faster with bigger steps, better balance and increased trunk rotation. They work on movements she needs for everyday activities, like getting out of a chair easier or raising her foot to put on socks and shoes. “I felt like my legs were going to give way with me before,” Dorothy says. “Now I’m walking with more confidence.”

Dorothy says therapy has also boosted her energy and endurance. “I can tell a big difference in everything about it,” she says.

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