Voice Therapy

North Mississippi Medical Center speech-language pathologists help people who have an abnormal voice.

Voice therapy is beneficial for individuals who suffer from:

  • Hoarse, raspy or breathy voice quality
  • Increased effort when talking or singing
  • Loss of voice with no apparent illness
  • Reduced vocal ability, pitch or volume in speaking or singing
  • Fatigue (voice tires easily)
  • Chronic or recurrent neck aches, headaches and throat pain, with no illness
  • Habitual throat clearing, coughing
  • Neurological disorders of the voice

Treatment Options

Vocal Tract Imaging

Vocal tract imaging uses diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to video vocal cords using a strobe light that captures the visual image and enlarges it on a computer monitor to show in-depth detail.

Each NMMC clinician has a computerized medical acoustic program. The programs provide accurate capture and playback of acoustic signals of speech and voice production. The programs provide accurate representation of speech and voice for objective measures of speech and voice quality that support evidence-based treatment selection, and give visual and auditory biofeedback to support acquisition of patient therapy goals.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™)

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD™ and LSVT BIG™) is an innovative and clinically proven method used for improving communication and movement in individuals with Parkinson's disease and other conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome.

SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd®

SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd® is a a two-part speech therapy program to help individuals with Parkinson’s regain and maintain effective communication. SPEAK OUT!® emphasizes speaking with intent. Patients and their speech-language pathologist work through a series of speech, voice and cognitive exercises outlined in workbook.

After completing SPEAK OUT!®, patients transition to The LOUD Crowd®, a maintenance program with monthly group sessions led by a speech-language pathologist. Group members provide support, encouragement and accountability to one another. Participation in The LOUD Crowd®, along with daily home practice and six-month re-evaluations, has been shown to help patients maintain their communication skills throughout the progression of Parkinson’s.

Vital Stim Plus and Vital Stim Experia® Therapy Systems

Vital Stim Plus and Vital Stim Experia® Therapy Systems combine the power of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) with surface electromyography (sEMG). Neuromuscular electrical stimulation provides muscle strengthening without improper muscle use as well as neuro mapping. Surface electromyography for visual biofeedback of muscle movement and tension.

Physician or nurse practitioner's referral is required for treatment.

For More Information

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