Wesley WebbWesley Webb

Wesley Webb of Tupelo struggled with a stiff, hurting hip for several years before finally seeing an orthopedic surgeon about it.

“My left hip was just worn out, and I didn’t know it,” Wesley said. Dr. Barry Clark of Orthopaedic Institute of North Mississippi performed a total hip replacement at North Mississippi Medical Center on March 11.  Dr. Clark used a specially modified anteriolateral approach, meaning he approached the hip from the front side instead of the back. This procedure uses a smaller incision and often results in less muscle trauma and pain, a shorter hospital stay, and an earlier and easier recovery. “The afternoon after my surgery, they walked with me for 250 feet,” Wesley said. “I got to feeling so good, I walked another 250 feet.”

A real estate broker who owns Mossy Oak Properties, Wesley missed only one week of work. The following week he started physical therapy at the NMMC Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. “I’m already doing a lot more things than I used to be able to do,” Wesley said. Physical therapist Ryan Clayton is helping Wesley stretch, increase his range of motion and build endurance with his new hip—all with the goal of getting back to playing golf and team roping. 

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