Swing Bed

North Mississippi Medical Center offers a Swing Bed program for patients who no longer need acute hospital care but are not yet able to return home. The term “Swing Bed” refers to an acute care (hospital) room which can be ‘swung’ from acute care to extended care and back again to meet patient needs.  

The Swing Bed concept enables the hospital not only to provide nursing care but rehabilitation and social services which will help patients return to their own community or home environment. The goal of Swing Bed is to return patients to their community, but if this is not possible, the staff will help the patient and family obtain assisted living or nursing home care.

How long can a patient stay in Swing Bed?

Swing Bed care is short term and averages less than three weeks for most patients.

Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for Swing Bed?

Yes. Medicare and Medicaid are the primary payers for Swing Bed. For Medicare to provide coverage, a patient must require a skilled service. In addition, some commercial insurance companies also pay for Swing Bed care.

Can a patient remain in Swing Bed until a nursing home bed is available?

No. There is no guarantee that nursing home placement will be found by the time the patient is scheduled for discharge. Alternative discharge plans should be considered by the family or responsible party. Nursing home placement will be sought within a 60-mile radius of a patient’s home. If a family declines a bed within this range, Medicare may deny payment for Swing Bed care on and after the date of refusal.

How often will the physician visit?

The medical condition of Swing Bed patients may not require daily visits by the physician as is done in an acute hospital stay. Medicare requires physicians to visit once a week. If a change in the patient’s medical condition warrants supervision, physician visits will become more frequent. Nursing staff has daily communication with physicians regarding Swing Bed patients.

Who is involved in the patient’s care?

The hospital staff works together as a team to provide care for Swing Bed patients. Special emphasis is placed on the psychosocial functioning. The patient and family are encouraged to participate in the plan of care. The staff also strives to maximize the quality of life for each Swing Bed patient.

What is a pass?

Swing Bed patients may leave the premises (day only) with a written order from the physician. The patient/responsible party releases the facility from any and all harm, injury or loss suffered by the patient while away from the facility and/or supervision of the staff. The patient and family must be taught to perform car transfers prior to day passes.

For More Information

For more information about Swing Bed services, call 1-800-843-3375 or the Swing Bed Coordinator at a specific hospital:

North Mississippi Medical Center-Eupora
(662) 258-6221

North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton
(205) 921-6225

North Mississippi Medical Center-Iuka
(662) 423-4517

North Mississippi Medical Center-Pontotoc
(662) 489-5510

North Mississippi Medical Center-West Point
(662) 495-2138 • (662) 495-2140

North Mississippi Medical Center Gilmore-Amory
(662) 256-7111

To Learn More 

For more information about a Swing Bed program near you, call 1-800-THE DESK (1-800-843-3375).