Dr. Dwight McComb

Dr. Dwight McComb“We are committed to seeing our patients safely through this crisis,” says internal medicine physician Dwight McComb of Amory Specialty Clinic. “For many, that means taking care of them in unconventional ways, such as with virtual visits by telephone or telemedicine.”

In a Virtual Video Visit, Dr. McComb uses his laptop computer to communicate with patients while he reviews their electronic medical record on his desktop computer. “We can discuss their issues in real time and even make some limited assessments,” he says.

“We are all learning and will continue to do so,” Dr. McComb says. “We will get through this crisis together, and I am certain this will likely change the way we practice medicine in the future. One silver lining may be that we learn how to expand our capability to efficiently deliver quality health care to more people in the safest manner possible.”