Patient Instructions for myConnection Urgent Care Video Visits

This page will walk the patient through scheduling a Video Visit via myConnection with an urgent care provider.

Schedule an appointment from a desktop.

1. Open a web browser (Google Chrome), and go to the website

2. Once logged in, click the "Urgent Care Video Visit" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

uc1 for web

3. Confirm and enter your current location.

uc 2 for web

4. Once your location is confirmed, the option to select a "General Video Visit" will appear.


5. After selecting "General Video Visit," you can now choose how you would like to connect to the visit.


FYI: If you are going to connect using a desktop or laptop computer, please ensure that the device has a working camera, microphone and speaker.

6. If you choose to use the mobile app, you will then have to confirm that you currently have the app downloaded, or use either the "App Store" or "Google Play Store" to download the app to the device.

7. After selecting how you would like to connect, you will be able to see your approximate wait time for your appointment. You can then select "Put Me in Line," and will be notified when your provider is ready to see you.


8. You can then enter the email that you wish the provider to use to contact you when the visit is ready. This will send a push notification to your phone stating that there is new information in myConnection.


9. Complete the eCheck-In Process by clicking the "Update Information" button.


10. Once you have received your push notification telling you that your provider is ready, return to myConnection and select "Begin Video Visit."