Angela HuddlestonAngela Huddleston

Angela Huddleston of Saltillo has lost 107 pounds since having weight loss surgery at North Mississippi Medical Center in June 2017. “Before making the life-changing decision to have weight loss surgery, I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, severe back problems, joint pain, fatigue and low self-esteem,” Angela says. “I could hardly even walk across the room because of back and knee pain.” Since losing weight, Angela says, “I feel like a new woman! I no longer have the pain in my back and knees. I have so much more energy!” She no longer takes blood pressure medication nor needs her C-pap device for sleep apnea. Walking, running and spin classes help Angela keep the weight off. “My family says they can’t keep up with me anymore!” she says. Angela encourages anyone considering weight loss surgery to remember surgery is a tool, but you must decide if you’re ready to make the lifelong commitment for weight loss. “Best decision I ever made,” Angela says. “I would highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling and just needs a jumpstart to a healthier, happier life!” 

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