Care Team

We take a team approach to your health care at North Mississippi Medical Center's Bariatric Clinic and Center. Besides your surgeon, in the weeks before your surgery, during your hospital stay and when you return home, you will meet many members of your health care team, including the:

Bariatric Program Director

Your bariatric program director is the nurse practitioner who works alongside your surgeon and makes sure you receive world-class care throughout your bariatric surgery experience. The bariatric program director has attained bariatric nurse certification through the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Program Coordinator

Your bariatric program coordinator is the registered nurse who oversees the multidisciplinary team. The bariatric program coordinator has attained bariatric nurse certification through the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Additional Staff

Additional staff members include the Bariatric Clinic office administrator, psychologist, financial specialist, receptionist and data analyst.


Before and during your Bariatric Center stay, you will meet many nurses who perform different jobs. Some nurses will see you in the clinic; others work in pre-admission testing, some attend to your daily health care needs in the hospital and others assist surgeons in the operating room. Nurses are among the most visible health care professionals in the hospital.


Your dietitian is specially trained in meeting your dietary needs while you are in the hospital and assisting you to maintain a healthy diet before surgery and after you return home.


Your anesthesiologist or anesthesia team member administers anesthesia during your surgery, monitors your vital signs during and after your surgery, and oversees pain control while you are in the recovery room.

Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician, or family practitioner, takes care of your general health. A recommendation from your primary care provider will be required for your initial visit at our clinic.

Exercise Physiologist

Your exercise physiologist helps you become active once your surgeon releases you to begin exercising after surgery. An exercise physiologist will also perform your pre-surgery exercise assessment.


The NMMC Bariatric Center psychologist conducts your psychological assessment to better prepare the surgeon, staff and you before surgery.

Hospital Chaplain

NMMC's chaplains are trained to meet your spiritual needs and those of your family, regardless of religious denomination.

Case Manager

Your case manager is in charge of coordinating your hospital discharge.

Start Your Journey

Your first step is to register for an appointment with the Bariatric Clinic. Someone will contact you within 48-72 hours to set up your initial appointment. 

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