Published on February 08, 2022

Why Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery?

Exercising after weight loss lady walking on path

After weight loss surgery, exercise is a must for success.

It’s always important to exercise and keep your body healthy. After weight loss surgery, exercise is a must for success.

Walking after surgery circulates blood to help prevent blood clots, boost your spirits and help reduce the stress of lifestyle changes. The first six weeks after surgery you will be limited to light walking, so this is a great time to slowly work into an exercise routine. You will be encouraged to work up to walking a mile a day.

Six weeks after surgery most patients are released to start doing more types and varieties of exercise. Make sure your exercise routine contains cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility. A balanced exercise program will help you achieve the healthy feeling you are looking for.

Cardiovascular exercise elevates your heart rate. You will want to perform cardiovascular exercise like walking for 20-30 minutes most days per week. You may not be able to do 20-30 minutes when you begin but set a goal and work up to it. Cardiovascular exercise will help to strengthen your heart and muscles, burn calories, boost your mood, improve your sleep and reduce joint stiffness. It also prevents or helps manage high blood pressure and diabetes.

Strength training is also important after weight loss surgery. Because you are eating fewer calories, you may feel weak when you return to doing normal daily chores. The calorie restriction may cause some muscle loss. Strength training is recommended at least twice each week per muscle group. By doing this you will build more muscle, boost your resting metabolism, help prevent osteoporosis and improve your balance. Strength training will also help with the loose tissue appearance that many people who lose weight worry about.

Flexibility is also an important component of physical fitness. Flexibility improves your mobility, posture and muscle coordination, and reduces your risk of injures and muscle soreness. It is important that you stretch some at the end of every workout. Yoga is a great flexibility exercise that you may enjoy.

By having weight loss surgery, you have made the decision for a healthier life. Make it successful by being consistent with exercise. Start slowly and gradually increase as you become more fit. Don’t put pressure on yourself to change overnight; this is a lifestyle you want to last the rest of your life. Exercise will not only help with weight loss, it’s also an important part of weight maintenance. Get started today!