Published on November 11, 2016

North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton Celebrates World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

HAMILTON, Ala.—North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton will join hospitals across the country and globe in observing World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day Thursday, Nov. 17. The hospital will hold a lunch for nurses to recognize the contributions of staff and their role in preventing pressure ulcers.

“All of us at North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton are proud of the efforts put forth by our staff,” said Jennifer Cagle, director of nursing. “Pressure injury prevention occurs when staff from all disciplines engage in prevention efforts. I am proud of the high quality of care our staff provides every day.”

In 2015, the hospital had only two hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, and none so far in 2016.

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, and occur when a patient sits in a chair or lies in bed for a long time in one position. Skin is fed by blood supply, and staying in one position too long without moving can make the blood no longer able to get to the part of the body where the patient sits or lies down.

Health care workers can help prevent pressure ulcers by using special covering or dressing, making sure the patient turns and moves positions regularly, and management of sweating, bladder or bowls, and skin cleansing or care.

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