Published on November 08, 2017

Houston Residents Named To 2017 NMMC All Star Team

HOUSTON, Miss.—Amy Jenkins, Bridget Logan and Angie Tunnell have been named to North Mississippi Medical Center’s All Star Team for 2017.

They were recognized by NMMC’s Stars Online program for outstanding performance throughout the year. NMMC launched the Stars Online program in 1999 to recognize employees who exhibit extraordinary care and concern for their patients, customers and coworkers. The All Stars were honored at a banquet Nov. 3.

Amy Jenkins of Houston works in admissions and discharge at Chickasaw Medical Clinic, where she has worked since 1997. She is a graduate of Houston High School and attended Itawamba Community College in Tupelo. She was also recognized as an All Star in 2010.

Jenkins was recognized for going above and beyond to help minimize wait times for patients. “She has been calling patients back and weighing them and putting them in the exam room to help the nurses,” said a coworker who nominated her. “This is not something she has to do, she is just helping ensure patient needs are met.”

One patient left his written prescription at the clinic, and Jenkins met the family after hours on a Friday evening to give him the prescription so he wouldn’t have to go all weekend without his medication. She helped another patient’s family get the patient out of the vehicle for his appointment.

She was also nominated for jumping in to solve a problem when the front lobby commode overflowed. “She cleaned the water up from the lobby and bathroom, got a wet floor sign up and called Facility Operations to have the commode fixed,” said a coworker who nominated her. “She never hesitates to help out whether it’s at the front desk, helping hold a child for a shot or assist with an X-ray. She always goes above and beyond her job duties.”

Jenkins said the best part of her job is helping patients get the care they need. “I love knowing my patients on a personal level,” she said. “They seem like family.”

She and her husband, Jerry, have four children – Carrie Grace Criddle, Anna Morgan Jenkins, Jeri-lyn Jenkins and Josh Jenkins – and one nephew, Noah Gatlin.

She is a member of Parkway Baptist Church in Houston.

Bridget Logan of Vardaman is an LPN at Chickasaw Medical Clinic. She joined the NMMC staff in 2011 as a pediatric nurse. She later joined the float pool with North Mississippi Medical Clinics, transferring to Chickasaw Medical Clinic in 2013.

She is a graduate of Vardaman High School, and graduated from Northwest Community College in Oxford with her licensed practical nursing degree in 2004. She is CPR and AED certified by the American Heart Association.

Logan was nominated for helping one patient who needed financial assistance. The patient was referred to a clinic in Olive Branch for severe depression, and was concerned about having enough money go get there. Logan gave the patient enough money for gas and snacks to make her trip a little easier.

On another occasion, she trained a new nurse for another clinic. She also helps with the lab and performing drug screens in between taking patients back.

She was nominated for giving employee flu shots at a local industry. “Bridget goes above and beyond what is expected of a nurse,” said a coworker who nominated Logan. “I observed her out my window patching an elderly gentleman’s car window that was out. This was one of the coldest days and she was concerned about him being sick and having to ride without a passenger window.”

When two of her coworkers were out with the flu, she assisted two providers and never complained. She worked in the lab and performed strep tests, flu tests, CBCs and urinary analyses, as well as helping the staff that came to fill in.

“I love being a nurse and working in health care,” Logan said. “To me nursing is not just another job, it is a calling. I always strive to treat each patient as if they were my family. The feeling you get when you are able to help someone whether it is big or small is indescribable. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love every day.”

She and her husband, Waylon, have been married for 15 years and have three sons – Landon, Layton and Lanson. They attend Midway Baptist Church in Vardaman.

She is a member of the North Mississippi Medical Clinics service team and the Vardaman Booster Club, and is active with several community organizations.

Angie Tunnell of Houston is the office manager at Chickasaw Medical Clinic. She joined the clinic in 1993 in admissions and discharge. In 1996, she became office manager.

She is a graduate of Houston High School and is a certified breath alcohol technician.

Tunnell was nominated for going above and beyond in her duties as office manager by helping call patients back, weighing them and putting them in a room when the nurses are busy.

“Angie always goes beyond to ensure the clinic is open and running and the patients are happy,” said a coworker who nominated Tunnell. “She cleans patient rooms and will take patients to their rooms when needed. She is willing to do whatever it takes. She answers the phone and is also willing to answer and assist providers, nurses and office staff. She really cares about Houston and the people who live here.”

One mother accidentally left her child’s medicine at the clinic. Tunnell met them at the clinic after hours so the child could have his medicine.

On another occasion, the clinic ran out of A1C testing supplies. Tunnell drove to another clinic to pick up a box of supplies to last until the clinic’s came in. This helped keep patients from having to come back to the clinic later to get their needed lab work.

She and her husband, Terry, have two children, Lance and Lindsey, and one grandson, Cole.

For more information about NMMC’s Stars Online program, call (662) 377-3900 or 1-800- THE-DESK (1-800-843-3375).

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