Published on May 17, 2017

NMMC First in Region to Add Newest Surgical Robot

TUPELO, Miss.—North Mississippi Medical Center recently became the first facility in north Mississippi to bring the benefits of the new da Vinci Xi Surgical System to patients.

Surgeons at NMMC perform robotically-assisted procedures for urology, gynecology, urogynecology, general surgery, colorectal surgery and thoracic surgery. The closest hospitals offering all of these specialties robotically—including minimally-invasive lung surgery—are located in Jackson, Memphis or Birmingham.

NMMC now has four da Vinci systems in all--two at the main hospital (including the latest model) and two at Women’s Hospital.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System is designed to accommodate and seamlessly integrate a range of current technologies in areas such as imaging, advanced instruments and anatomical access. The system can be used for a wide range of minimally-invasive surgical procedures.

The number of robotically-assisted procedures continues to increase at NMMC. For the past 12 months, 796 procedures involved the da Vinci robot, and the hospital is on track to complete more than 1,000 robotically-assisted procedures this year.

“NMMC is the first to utilize the newest robotic platform available, the da Vinci XI System, for complex colorectal procedures and thoracic procedures in north Mississippi,” said T.J. Adams, administrator for Cardiothoracic and Surgical Services. “Because they have undergone more extensive training during the past year, our robotic surgeons are now able to complete far more complex procedures using the robot, which allows more patients the option of minimally-invasive surgery. Now that we have the da Vinci XI System, our surgeons have the most advanced technology available to help them complete these complex cases without the limitations that a surgeon would otherwise experience.”

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