Published on January 10, 2017

North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton Recognized by CMS

HAMILTON, Ala.—The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently released updated star ratings, and North Mississippi Medical Center-Hamilton received a five-star rating.

The ratings are a composite metric of one to five stars, with five being the best. They intend to convey the overall quality of nearly 4,000 hospitals in the U.S and are posted to the CMS’ Hospital Compare site. In grading hospitals on their overall quality, the CMS used 64 measures, such as hospital-acquired infection rates or emergency room wait times, that had already been posted to the Hospital Compare site. It grouped those measures into broader categories, then weighted them. Hospitals had to meet minimum reporting requirements in order to be eligible to receive a star rating.

Only 2.2 percent of eligible hospitals received five stars. “Only three hospitals in Alabama received five stars,” said Kim Green, director of clinical quality. “This is a testament to our staff and their focus on quality and safety.”

“I am proud of our hospital staff and leadership for their ongoing efforts in providing excellent care here in Hamilton,” said Dr. Sonny Nix, hospital board member. “It means a lot to me to know that if I or my family need health care, we have the best in our local community.”

The rating includes quality measures for routine care that the average individual receives, such as care received when being treated for heart attacks and pneumonia, to quality measures that focus on hospital-acquired infections, such as catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Specialized and cutting edge care that certain hospitals provide, such as specialized cancer care, are not reflected in these quality ratings.

“The past several years have been very challenging, especially for rural hospitals,” said Dr. Cesar Romero. “With the determined health care team in Hamilton and the support and guidance from NMHS in Tupelo, we are eager to make our hospital even more robust and ready to meet the quality health care needs of our community. Improving our hospital is a continuous and ongoing process and we are just elated that CMS has recognized our efforts.”

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