Published on July 06, 2017

Two Long-time Employees Recognized

IUKA, Miss.—North Mississippi Medical Center-Iuka recently held a reception in honor of two long-time radiology employees.

Shirley Thorne has worked for the hospital for 45 years and is a recent retiree, and Donna Hudson has worked for the hospital for 50 years.

Thorne, from Tishomingo, began her career in medical records where she worked as a transcriptionist until she transferred to the radiology department in 2012.

“It’s flown by,” Thorne says of her 45 years. “I could write a book about all the different things I’ve done. I remember one time in the old hospital a bad case of flu hit during the winter and we had people in the halls and lobbies trying to take care of everyone. Nobody ever complained and we all just worked together and did our best.”

X-ray has always been her favorite thing to “type” in medical transcription. “I enjoyed learning the different parts of the body and how everything was always changing,” she said. “We used to have to type on four-part carbon copy paper. When we switched to a computer I really thought I had it made.”

Even though there are only a few employees left who started at the old Iuka Hospital, Thorne says she will miss her close relationship with the doctors and her coworkers. In her retirement, she is looking forward to attending more gospel singings and spending time with her twin cousins who are 18 months old.

Donna Hudson, from Iuka, also began her career at the former Iuka Hospital. She grew up in Iuka and came home when she started her career in radiology. “I work with great people and it’s a fantastic place to work,” she said.

In her 50 years she has weathered several changes in health care, too.

“When I started we hand-developed films,” she said. “Now it’s all digital. When change first comes around nobody likes it, but then you realize it’s for the best. Every change I’ve seen has made patient care better.”

She has no immediate plans to retire, and enjoys the people she works with and the work she does. “You don’t want anybody to be sick, but I like knowing when they are that I can play a part in taking care of them and helping them get better or find out what is wrong with them.”

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